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Will / Want to Write is Entirely Dependent on Mood

I was in the bathroom earlier attempting to get any small amount of Curel out of the bottle, then started thinking about what I need to do tomorrow. From there I came back into my room and started writing an entry about those three things, but got bored and decided I might as well go to bed. Not before taking one last look to see if I still had a song that was stuck in the head. Mind you, earlier on in the night it was Kumikyokyu Nico Nico Douga (and the many variants of it), but I was starting to get tired of hearing it, so I began whistling Christmas songs, and ended up deciding that I wanted to find and listen to a certain version of O(h) Holy Night I've heard before and liked. It wasn't on the computer downstairs though, and I couldn't be bothered to plug in one of my external hard drives, but I found it online. In sum, the song is Oh Holy Night by Josh Groban. I'm not sure what it says of me, but it's one of those songs that can make me cry (in a good way), so I definitely do <3 it.

As for those three things, they are going to Heart and Stroke, then later on in the evening or night, going out to Shoppers and Sobeys to get some candy for the furmeet this weekend and Curel for my tattoo. I still have some left, but most of it's stuck in the bottom of the bottle and there's no easy way to get at it without cutting the thing open or slamming it against a hard surface or something. Oh, and then I'm also expecting a reply from Madius tomorrow, and Cooper should be uploading the sketch (or so I presume) of my badge for MFF to her Furaffinity page, so I'll have those to wait for. And other than that, I can't think of anything at the moment, but I'm sure something will come up or I'll remember "Hey, I wanted to do this". Backing the stuff on my torrents partition up namely, seeing as I've burned the ISO of Windows 7 and it's just sitting on my bedside table right now (the DVD, not the ISO).

As for today, it was pretty much normal, aside from talking with Azurtrix (one of the furs who's going to the meet this weekend that I received the email from), and walking to work a slightly different way. Although I've been noticing it seems really humid outside lately. Well, not so much humid, but it's not cold enough to keep you that way unless you're moving around.

Anyways, I have to be up for 1, and it's now 6:03, so I should probably go about getting ready to go to sleep again~