Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I'd Really Like to Know What They're Doing...

As I already posted at least once, last week sometime I received a letter in the mail stating that I still owed about $60 on Dad's Christmas present so I figured "They'll probably send the other stuff as soon as they get that money. There was a box waiting for me on the front chest earlier this afternoon though, and sure enough, inside of it was a package of four AA batteries (which, in retrospect, I could've just picked up at Staples or something) and the two replacement needles which are nothing more than shaped red plastic and a little tiny grey dot on each of them which I assume is the needle. Hard t believe I paid $25 for them, but whatever. As for getting the money order though, well, I don't know now. I figure I will tomorrow anyways, but slip a note in the envelope that says "I thought I still owed you guys money for the other parts of my order, but you sent them anyways, so if you don't need this please mail it back to me and we'll all be happy.

Then also tomorrow I plan on going to Bulk Barn sometime in the afternoon to grab a couple other bags or containers of candy, because all Sobeys had was Christmas-themed stuff and a stand right near the front of the store full of gummy worms and chips and such. But I bought some anyways, and it can be seen here. It was quite heavy to carry home, and on an unrelated note the cashier seemed quite interested in my tail and arm warmers. I obviously explained that I was buying the candy for a party of sorts, and she asked "What sort of party?" I told her it was called a furmeet, but it'd be easier to describe as a party, and she responded with "Is that what this fur stuff is about then?" and "What will you be doing?" Unfortunately, I once again made it sound like all furries are into fursuiting, but I have yet another better thing to say if they ask why I have a tail, etc. I am what is known as a furry, and one of the things most of them do is pick an animal to represent themselves as, and some more of them from there choose to dress up in costumes / wear either partial or full fursuits.

Sticking with the furry topic for another paragraph though, something interesting happened at Heart and Stroke this afternoon. Michele came up to me with a piece of paper so I figured she wanted me to do something for her, but as it turns out, the thumbnail of that picture that was taken of me last week was printed there. Apparently the guy who took it emailed it to Heather, and she forwarded it to Michele and Lynn, then Michele came to me asking if I wanted it. Not only did I email myself the picture, but I also posted the link in a private entry here so I could get it at home, then later on in the night I received an email from Michele containing the same thing :s Anyways, click either of these to see it: [1] or [2]. In munedust's words, über cute, but I would beg to differ. However it is a picture of me, so I would be biased. And to be fair, it's a pretty good picture too, but I think I look far too happy and eager...

Other than that, Cooper has not yet uploaded the sketch of my badge, but maybe tomorrow, and if not then, possibly Friday. If she still hasn't by Saturday I'll set up a pounce in Pidgin that she'll see while I'm away, but hopefully she does before then. I have slightly unusual plans for tomorrow though, so it's about time I tried to get to sleep. Well, after a few last-minute things here~

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