Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

There Has to be a Word for It

Wanting to write something in here (or anywhere else), and knowing you have several things to say, but not being able to figure out where to start :s I suppose I shall resort to an alphabetical list (for a change of pace) in this entry.

[a] When I got home from work yesterday, there were two new things to be found on my laptop. The first was an email from LiveJournal to say that Noir's birthday is coming up, and the other was actually several messages from Cooper regarding my badge for MFF. Of course, the timestamp on the first message was only a couple minutes after 7 (which was when I got up to leave for work), then around quarter after she attempted to send me a file with the name "karadurwip.jpg", and canceled the transfer a couple minutes later, presumably because she realized I wasn't around. So I set up a pounce for her earlier tonight, and when she eventually came online I got the file and we sort of discussed what I'd like done with it. Anyways, what's done thus far can be seen here. Do note that it's in my protected gallery and I was messing around with the security on it earlier, so I won't be held responsible if it doesn't load ^^;

[b] If tonight went as it should've, I would be at work right now. However, I am laying in bed with my laptop propped up against my legs writing this, so it's sort of obvious what I did. If it comes down to it, I may end up explaining why I called in whenever I'm in there next (Monday at 8, I think), but that all depends on whether or not I get asked about it. The day couldn't have been better though, because it's been raining more or less nonstop since I woke up, and I really would prefer to not walk to work in this weather if I can at all help it. If all goes as planned I'll be calling it a night around 12, waking up at 7 tomorrow morning, packing my things, and waiting for Deoge. I just need to make up a list in Notepad of the stuff I'll be bringing along so I can make sure I've got it all back before leaving tomorrow night, but I can do that from right here~ At the moment I can think of my PSP and DS (both with the power adapters), camera, fursuiting stuff, and CDs for music along the way. Oh, and candy too, but that's rather obvious.

[c] More of a curiosity than anything. I was looking through the log of a visit tracking thing I have set up here, and came across this interesting entry URL:

Dear Keilian: are you searching for yourself, or is somebody else trying to figure out who you are? The only other weird thing like that is that somebody in Burlington (or so their IP would indicate) is reading this on a somewhat regular basis, and I haven't the faintest clue who it is. I'd guess Aunt Patty and Uncle Rob, but they only *used* to live in Burlington, and are now in Mississauga *shrug*

Anyways, I'm actually starting to feel sort of tired now, so I'm going to set this aside and play Pic Pic in hopes that it'll make me tired enough to go to sleep~

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