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That Was an Interesting Furmeet

First of all this "Quality Hotel" sucks for wireless internet. There are three access points available from our room, but connecting to any of them results in a "Limited or no connectivity" message. I'm going to try to make this entry short as well because Deoge wants to be up and gone at 8 tomorrow, so for now, a list of things for my reference.

[1] Somebody that wasn't furry but still at the meet asking me if my parents knew I was furry, and something more concerning that. As well the "rule" given by the guy in the Dog fursuit about all cats being, well, you figure out the rest. First of all, I like answering questions about things I've done involving furries, but where and how do you get off asking me about something else I've literally made no reference to. I don't mean that in an angry way, but unless you didn't know and were asking me on the off chance that I'd say yes, something seems weird...

[2] Very short fursuit parade. I was expecting something along the lines of a walk around the block, but we literally went out one door, walked down the hallway, and back into the party room through the other door down there.

[3] Furmeets in closed-in spaces are not good. Too much background noise plus next to no ventilation (aside from when either Dan Skunk or Ki Wind opened the doors on the outside of the building) makes for a terribly crowded and fuzzy (not in the furry way) feeling in your head. Not headache-inducing, but making it hard to concentrate on anything. In retrospect, I could very well have gone outside for several minutes now and then, but I didn't want to just walk off at the time.

[4] Running into somebody else who's *almost* as good at StepMania as me. And I say "almost" because we both played the same song ("The Glass Prison") to see who would get the higher score, and I did. There is a screenshot to prove it too ^^

[5] Such a weird feeling being in the tiny bathroom with a terribly low ceiling considering how tall the whole building was. Part of the ceiling was caving in as well, so of course my mind started wandering and I found myself beginning to wonder if, should I manage to get up into the ceiling, how far I could get from there. Not that that's anything I would actually do, but those are the sort of thoughts that go through my head at times~

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