Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Very Short Entry (Because I Like Procrastinating)

At the moment, I am literally waiting on the sinks to fill up so I can do dishes, then if I still have time after those are done, I plan on writing a bit more of that long entry. Right now, I'm up to about the middle of the meet, and after that it's our trip to the zoo, then driving home, then a couple other things of note back here, and that's it. However, summarizing it like that makes it sound alot shorter than it actually is :s

Anyways, I finally got around to checking the time-off book at work last night in regards to booking time off for that early Christmas thing Aunt Joyce plans on having, and I very much doubt I'll be going. For one thing, they're staying there overnight. I wouldn't have a problem with that normally, but if a certain event in London still ends up being on, I'm going to want to be here on the 7 so I can get things ready. Oh, and they plan on leaving on the 6th, and would likely not be leaving Aunt Joyce's place on the 7th 'till noon at earliest, and I wouldn't want to have to worry about rushing back here in time. The other option would be getting everything ready well in advance and bringing it to wherever Aunt Joyce lives now with me, then getting dropped off in London on the way home, but I haven't even checked with Cola yet as to whether I'll be able to stay for a couple days then, and I can't ask that until I'm sure the event in question is still being held.

As for other things at work, Sheila is apparently now working several [x] to 11pm shifts, most likely to make sure we aren't bagging line early and such. However, having that extra set of hands (I'd say paws, but I'm the only fur there ;_;) helps us to get things caught up alot faster, and I'd rather work a shift where we have pans bagged for line and everything else done and caught up, than line actually bagged and other closing-related stuff mostly done, but with the rest of the store a mess and lots of prep to do.

But for one last thing, because munedust's most recent post reminded me, I suppose I could attempt to take part in it this year too. Christmas / holiday card sending. If you want one, simply let me know your address ^^ Although at this point I'm going to impose an arbitrary deadline of the beginning of December, just so they're all there in time.

And with that, I have to do dishes. Yay~

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