Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Counting Down the Days

I finally got around to visiting Money Mart this afternoon to put the rest of what I had left over from last weekend, as well as $500 onto my card, so for the time being I'm probably just going to wait until Monday of next week to put the rest on, because Cooper says she'll have my badge finished by then, and I plan to have it printed and laminated at Express Copies. Thus I can either walk to the Money Mart at the other end of that street, or just leave for work somewhat early and go to the one by Food Basics. Cola sent me a message yesterday anyways to say he'd found a fourth roommate for us, which somehow brings the cost for he and I down to $153.34, but that works because I can put the extra ~$20 towards food or whatever else.

Something he said after returning from AC also came to mind this afternoon, being that "having a virgin sketchbook can produce beautiful art", so I should probably see about getting one of those before too long, but meh. I figure either Staples or Zellers would have those types of things, and if not, perhaps Walmart, so I'll get out there sometime before the end of the week.

I'm sort of anxious to see what happens when I go to work tonight though, because Sheila's supposed to be there until 10, and I expect to be asked if I'm feeling better, and also what I need the whole of next week off for. Ah well. I've already explained a bit of what it means to be furry to her in Real Canadian Superstore's parking lot, so that saves me some trying to figure out what to say. Oh, but I also want to see what's going on with George tonight. He's on the schedule and handwashing sheet to be done at 3am, when the store closes at 2. And also, Steve and I both have "(2)" beside our names, which I don't understand. Chelsea supposedly did it for today yesterday night though, so I shouldn't be too surprised at those things.

Other than that, this afternoon at Heart and Stroke was once again fairly dull, but I learned (or rather was reminded) that our Christmas party is taking place on December 18th, from 12 noon 'till 2. At some place called the "Tipped Barrel", but all Google Maps has for that is some place out at the intersection of Communication Rd and Grand Ave, and to top it off, it's some general store.

Anyways, my room has been in a state of disarray ever since I got home on Sunday, so I'm going to attempt to clean it up some before I leave for work~

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