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Well That Was Unexpected :s

Earlier this afternoon, I received a reply to an email that was sent out some time ago. At least a couple months, but the point is after not hearing back from the recipient for a couple weeks, it sort of seemed that they wouldn't be replying at all. The little preview in GMail Notifier / in the tab I have opened to my inbox just says "Hello, Yes I do remember you. Much has changed in my life since back then. I no longer even care ...", and I haven't gotten around to reading the rest yet, mostly for the same reason as many times before, which I can't really put into words right now. But that aside, I'm still waiting on an email or message in MSN from Cooper regarding my badge, and am otherwise in no mood to chat with anyone, which is the annoying thing.

I mean, go back to the beginning of the year, and make a list of all the significant (at least from my point of view) things I've had the opportunity to do. Examples would be our small furmeets here back before Noir and Deoge had to take off for college, as well as being picked up by Cola to stay at his place in London for the meet there, getting the first part of my tattoo done, and so on. The week before (more or less), I would start to find myself becoming upset and whatnot about all manner of things. It's come back again, this time, I'm presuming, for going to MFF next week. Mind you, I know the feeling(s) will have passed by then, but it's really irritating. Deoge mentioned a couple things that did it yesterday, so I might as well use those as examples. And if you're reading this, it's nothing against you, and feel free to yell at me or whatever in return if you wish, but as I just said our chat yesterday will be the most recent time it came up, so I'm going to use it as an example.

Before he even sent me a message, I noticed his little status thing said that he was commissioning a conbadge from somebody. Well, more specifically, that it was a badge commission of Deoge, which I don't understand. Why refer to yourself in the third person / furson / whatever you prefer like that? Unless you're telling somebody that doesn't know of your furry name in hopes that they'll put two and two together. Anyways, being fussy like that is an offshoot of the other thing, but I know I can stand to keep that to myself. So that was the first thing. Here I've been waiting on my badge from Cooper since last time I went to London, and then he eventually mentions that his might be done this weekend, followed by several "I didn't mean it like that :(" messages. Yes, Cooper probably has her own things going on that are keeping her busy, but in the reply she sent when I first asked her if she'd be able to make me a badge, she mentioned that since she had "SAI", she'd be able to get it done fairly quickly.

The other thing was him mentioning that SPark should have his suit done soon, and the bad part of that was pretty much just wanting to close my laptop or flip the wireless switch off at that point, but, had I done that, there would've been questions the next time we chatted about what had happened. So I don't know. Maybe it's simple jealousy, in which case I've wasted my time hoping by writing this out I could piece together why this always happens, but I'm more inclined to believe it's not, simply because, in any other case where I didn't have anything special coming up immediately, I would have responded with "Yay ^^"s and excitement for the other party. And that's an interesting question. Thinking about that just now, I was playing out what would be said if I actually came right out and said how I felt to whomever I was talking with, and the furthest I can get is being asked a question that I can't answer. Is this supposed to be a competition to see who has the most stuff? That's going to be bothering me all night now until I figure out an answer for it (but it's alot better than going around in circles).

Anyways, yeah. As I said at the beginning of this cut, precedent says I'll have forgotten all about this by the time I get to London, but that's where things stand now *shrug*

Footnote: There is a theme to all of those things as well, being furries and furry stuff. I was musing to myself about that on Sunday night, and even though it's a clichéd thing to say, it's like that double-edged sword analogy. The furry fandom has been the source of most of the problems I've run into throughout the past couple years, but it also gives me almost everything I want too. There are times, such as coming home from London that I'm high as a kite (emotionally speaking), but others where I feel like saying "Screw this", and walking away from everything. Thankfully, most of the time I'm right in the middle of the two (although it would be more appropriate to say "swaying left and right"), but knowing that doesn't help any in times like this.

Anyways, that's quite enough of that. In other news, it's been raining out since I woke up today, leading me to strongly suspect I'll be asking for a ride to work. Although knowing my luck, I'll get there and be asked to clock in right away. The closers tonight are *supposed* to be Ange, Michelle, me, and then Eryn there 'till 2. Michelle was supposed to close yesterday night and called in, and I would not be terribly surprised to go there tonight to find that Ange did just that. We are probably going to be screwed, but I have tomorrow off, so provided it's not raining, I'll probably stop by Tim Hortons, because I haven't in a little while, and then I also need to stop by the bank to check how much money I have. Right now, I'd be delighted to have $2,000, but I'll just have to see. It's also supposed to snow tomorrow, so it would be quite awesome to wake up and see white everywhere ^^

It's now 7:30 though, and instead of waiting 'till the last minute to get my things ready tonight, I'm going to do that right now, and Tabby has been laying on my bed since 5:30, so she needs to be moved~

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