Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

They Weren't Entirely Wrong...

Back on Tuesday or Thursday I caught a bit of the weather report on the radio that said there was a chance of it snowing on Saturday. I have not heard an end to the rain since ~4:30, but it was both snowing and raining while I was downstairs making oatmeal earlier <3 Now all it needs to do is stop raining so the snow can stay on the ground, but perhaps tomorrow. Although I do hope it stops raining for at least half an hour later tonight, because I'd like to get outside for a bit. Other than that, I still have to clean my room, then get the vacuum up here because the rug I bought is all dirty, but I have all night for that.

Apparently Steve, George, Orlando (a new guy that's been working mostly supper shifts), and possibly James are the only closers tonight, so they're going to be quite screwed over if it's busy, but that's their problem. Last night went pretty well, but I think we may have forgotten something very important. Cindy ordered pizza from Little Caesars, and not all of it got eaten, so the rest was put into one of the heated cabinets. Unless somebody else remembered to grab it on the way out, it got left there :s Although they really can't say anything aside from "You forgot this" seeing as she paid or it with her own money.

The good part about it was that she was given two sides of grated Parmesan cheese with it that didn't get used, so I ended up making a mini quesadilla with one, and had the idea to mix the other one in with a side of nacho cheese, both of which actually tasted quite good. I sort of want to go up there tonight to buy one of their $5 pizzas, given that since last time I was there, I learned that there are seasonings and such you can put on your pizza, and I want to try that ^^;

The other (extremely unrelated) thing is that I still haven't thought of anything to get Naomi for Christmas. I have gifts for Mom, Dad, and Adam, and Real Canadian Superstore has all their Christmas-themed candy out which I'll be buying some of eventually, but aside from gift certificates again, I can't think of anything to get for her. Well, same thing goes for my secret Santa. I already know what I'll be doing for the Satan gift, but it's alot easier to come up with something one wouldn't like, than a gift that shows you've put some thought into it :s

Anyways, if I'm going to get out to Little Caesars, I should probably go find Mom or Dad. Maybe we can also stop by Money Mart too so I can put that other $500 on my card, but that's all depending on whether or not they're open. Time to check their website~

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