Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Slight (Possible) Change in Plans

Some time ago Cola made a post made to the London furmeet community detailing the planned events for the coming month. The only two I can remember now were the Secret Santa / Satan gifts thing, and something else involving baking cookies and bringing them to share with everybody. I'm obviously going to the first one, and the second sounded quite interesting and fun too, especially seeing as I've been bookmarking pretty much every single cookie recipe I've found with StumbleUpon that seemed easy enough to make. As such, I booked three days off at work, one of which was the day that event would've fallen on, reasoning that I could ask Cola or Madius about going to that one some time during this past week.

Plans change, however, and that particular event is no longer being held, but I asked about bringing some cookies to the one on the 15th while we were driving to the train station yesterday, and was told that would be fine.

Also learned of some other things once we arrived back at the apartment, which all make sense now. When Cola and I first started talking to each other, he mentioned how he and Madius were taking over the furmeets, and that as a result, some furs had taken to gathering in their own little groups, for not liking certain members of the "main" meet and such. I thought nothing of it at the time, because it makes sense that some of them would think "Well, it's not the same now that they're in charge" and go off to do their own things.

Anyways, one of the things Madius mentioned yesterday afternoon was that said furs were using their apartment as a meeting place, then running off wherever else, and it just clicked. For pretty much every single meet I've gone to there, Cajun has shown up, and sometimes scarcely even said hi before running off for food, inevitably taking others with him. So yeah. I am slow, and also incoherent at the moment, but it works >:3 Mind you, he's probably not the only one that does / did that, but as soon as them using Cola and Madius's apartment as a place to meet, it made sense.

Then Madius was also more or less beside himself with glee because "Cola finally grew a pair" (you ask him yourself) and other fun things like that.

As for that possible change in plans, since the schedule that the 8th will fall on has probably already been made, thus making it too late for me to cross my name out on those days, if I can get it done in time and they have space for appointments, I want to get the third part of my tattoo done. I've already started to work on the design, and could probably have it done by the time I go to bed tonight / tomorrow morning.

And in other news, I was once again asked to leave my tail at the apartment when we went to Wendys yesterday, but this time was told "... and Cola says you have a problem with leaving it here". Apparently by wearing it when I go out, I am a liability, in that I not only open myself up to being yelled at and called names, but also whoever else is with me, and Madius is not the only one to have had a problem with that. Interesting, but I understand, and we compromised so I got to wear my arm warmers, because they can be passed off as gloves. That still doesn't change what I do around here, and it makes me even more irritated that even with other furries things like that aren't said to my face, but to fuss about it anymore would truly be unnecessary.

Before I go back to working on my design though, sleeping at MFF was weird. The first two nights, I had dreams where I was back at home again, then the last night dreamt that either Blue or Raja had crisp, sharp snow leopard spots painted onto their back and I either wanted to take a picture, or actually take the kitten ^^; Monday night was sort of fun too, because I got to sleep at ~2 and didn't get up for twelve hours.

But yeah. That's enough disjointedness for now, even though I know there are still other things I wanted to write about. Perhaps I'll go over those when I get home from work though~

Edit: Oh, and yes, pictures from MFF will be uploaded eventually, but I currently do not have enough storage space to upload another gigabyte of pictures. Movies will be uploaded to YouTube too, but I have no desire to upload them until I'm able to do the pictures as well.

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