Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Back to Waiting Again~

Called Underground Tattoos earlier this afternoon, and my appointment this time is for December 9th, at 4pm. The design actually isn't done yet, but all that remains to be done is the left side, then probably just marking the spots I want to have filled with an "x" or something. Then I can either ask to see what shades of brown they have then, or let Mel use my tail / arm warmers as a reference.

The timing is quite nice too, because by then the hold Westin put on, oh, ~$800 that was on my Money Mart card should have been released. The weird thing about that is it worked fine at the hotel when we were checking in, as well as to check the balance at the ATM in the lobby, but I was unable to use it to pay for gas on the way home, and yet trying to buy a couple boxes of those individually packaged Koolaid mix things at Real Canadian Superstore worked fine. I tried to check the balance on it yesterday night on the way to work though, because Cola said the hold should have been released instantly, but the only option I was given after putting in my PIN was to withdraw money :s I could probably figure that out at Money Mart though, so I'll go there either tomorrow or the day after.

Anyways, getting back to the perfect timing thing, I'll be getting the third part of my tattoo done on Tuesday, then Saturday is my birthday which Deoge says he should be around for (so I need to figure out something to do), and two days after that is the Secret Santa / Satan meet in London ^^ Just for my reference though, things I still have to do before the 15th:

[a] Find a gift for my secret Santa, and "make" / wrap the Satan one
[b] Figure out what to get Naomi for Christmas
[c] Buy at least two Christmas cards
[d] Get some sort of candy for Mom, Dad, Adam, and Naomi next time we're out getting groceries
[e] Pick up some wrapping paper and tape, and probably procrastinate about wrapping the presents until Christmas Eve

I also need to start making a list of other things, but it's mostly just for my reference for another month or so, and I can only remember things to start it off with when my laptop isn't handy ;_; Although for some reason, I just remembered being back in high school, and trying to leave early instead of attending the mandatory dance they were holding for whatever reason, and being caught by Mr. Dutry. He really didn't care, as I recall (just gave us a hard time then went back to whatever he had been doing), but yay for random thoughts.

Anyways, I have half an hour to go before I need to leave for work, and at least three things to do in that time~

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