Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

A Couple Quick Things...

This'll be the fourth time today I've started writing this entry again, so instead of trying to put everything into paragraphs, a point-form list will have to do.

[a] Didn't go to Sobeys last night, but I plan to at 11. For some reason, I have the incredible urge to see if they have cheesecake in the frozen foods section, so we shall see.
[b] We're finally back to closing at 1, starting next Wednesday. Interestingly though, the store opens an hour later too.
[c] Deoge came to Taco Bell in his fursuit yesterday night. Was fun at the time, but I've thought way too much about what other reasons there were for it since then, and it's not so much any more
[d] We're supposed to be going to get our hair cut next Friday, but Naomi wants to get pink highlights in hers while we're there, which will likely take way more time than I'm willing to sit there. Also it's amusing how both Mom and Dad are fine with that, and yet if I were to say "I want something done with my hair aside from cutting it" I would get plenty of weird looks :s
[e] Just as I was getting ready to go to bed last night, Keilian sent me a message in Pidgin. So we talked for a bit, and I came upon an interesting question. Regarding the Secret Santa / Satan thing, how does Madius know what everybody would like?
[f] Mel now has the deposit for the third part of my tattoo, but when I go in there next, I need to make sure she realizes that the way I have the last few spots positioned and shaped on the design are the way they *must* be on my back. She did the second part without using the picture at all, and I'm really not pleased about that.

But anyways, it's now ten-after, so I'm heading out.


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