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Yet Another List of Stuffs

[Thing 1] The first night I had to work after MFF, Adam asked me an unusual question just before I left. "What do you do at these conventions you go to?" Right away, I think he's getting furmeets and cons mixed up, because I've only gone to one of the latter, and as such it would be wrong to say it in the plural form. I didn't answer the question at the time though, and really, it's something that's been fairly common from whoever knew I was going to MFF, or what I go to London for, but he actually sounded rather interested. Of course, I wandered off into the kitchen to get a glass of water mumbling something about "So what? You've taken an interest in furries too?", and he hasn't said anything about it since then. But thinking about it from a different angle, perhaps it is Mom and Dad who want to know, but figure I wouldn't tell them, and thus ask Adam to help.

[Thing 2] When I got home from work on Friday morning, there was an email from LiveJournal waiting for me, saying that one "da_fox_qc" had added me to his friends list. I've seen him here and about on this site (mostly just in the canadianfurs community), but that's not the point of this (literal) thing. Out of simple curiosity, I clicked the link to view his profile, and scrolled down, looking at the different banners and such, then music started playing. Either were nice enough to make it start only when the flash object was on-screen, or the timing was quite good. Anyways, I switched to another tab to do something else, but left the song playing, and eventually figured "Hey, I actually like this", and from there "If only there was some way to download it without having to search around first". As it turns out,
{1} The profile in question is here, so go there, and scroll down to the playlist.com thing. If necessary, click the play button in the center of it, and "Eurodancer" will start playing.
{2} Notice the large "Interests" heading below that.
{3} Right-click on the white space between those two things, and go to "View Source" or whatever your browser calls it.
{4} In the window that opens, press CTRL+F, and type "Interests". Since you know the flash player was the last object embedded before the "Interests" heading, you simply need to find the URL for it, and as a hint, lj-toys.com is somehow made to handle all embedded objects in journal entries. You should end up with this URL one way or the other though.
{5} Copy and paste it into your browser's address bar, press enter, and you'll be presented with a page that is simply the flash player on it's own.
{6} View the source of the page the same way as from step 3, or if you wish to do it a different way, prepend "view-source:" to the URL in the address bar.
{7} The next step is to find the link to the playlist the flash object is getting the songs from. As a hint once again, look for "loadplaylist.php".
{8} Copy and paste that URL into your browser's address bar once again.
{9} The last step is rather obvious, but just for the sake of completeness, whatever is inside the "<originallocation>" and "</originallocation>" tags.

The best part about it is that by removing the MP3's name from the URL, you may be able to get to whatever other files are stored on that server. Sometimes it's nothing special, but in the case of, oh, this one, for example, it can be quite useful depending on what you're looking for :3

[Thing 3] I really should know better. After spending a good ten minutes looking over the cards at Sobeys last night, I went over to the frozen foods aisle in search of cheesecake. They had several varieties too, but in the end I decided on cherry, for $4.99. I ate one piece of it before going to bed, and tucked the rest away in the freezer, reasoning that nobody would touch it because of how it was "wrapped" back up. Sure enough though, I went downstairs earlier this afternoon to get another piece, and found that another quarter had been taken. So I asked Naomi, and apparently Mom said she could have it. Yeah. I won't care about it in a couple days, but for right now, if something doesn't belong to you, what gives you the right to say what can be done with it? I'd consider going out to Sobeys again tonight to get one of the chocolate ones, but it's been raining since I woke up, and shows no sign of stopping soon :s Then again, this weekend has really not turned out like I expected it to, so the rain should be the least of my worries ^^;

[Thing 4] What I can remember of a dream I had before getting out of bed. Our whole family was walking along the top of some cliff, and came upon a narrow bridge we had to cross. For some reason, it was formed out of the same rock as the cliff (instead of wood or whatever). The next thing I can remember is Naomi saying "There's a token down there" and pointing down to the ground below at some shiny object. We all looked down, and sure enough there was something there, but given how far up we were, the actual size of it had to be at least comparable to a CD. Anyways, she went on asking who could ever be stupid enough to try to retrieve it, and after some looking around, I said "I would". Back on the other side of the bridge, there were pieces of rock jutting out, almost like steps, that gradually led down to the ground below. It looked as if it would be possible to climb back up them as well, so just as I was in the middle of the bridge, I went to turn around. Instead of simply turning though, I figured it'd be easier to roll :x And yes, I know that if I were to have done that, I'd still end up facing the same direction as before, but apparently my brain doesn't take those things into account while I'm asleep. So I grabbed on to two ropes I hadn't noticed before for balance (that were pretty much level with the bridge), and started to roll. All I can remember from there of that part is everybody behind me gasping and saying "Don't fall" and such, and seeing the side of the bridge while I was upside-down. The next thing I knew, I was facing back the other way, crawling across the bridge, shaking from being so high up or something. After inching along a bit more, I grabbed yet another rope that was conveniently placed in front of me (which was just high enough that if you were walking over the bridge and didn't notice it, you'd trip), and attempted to pull myself over it. The last thing I remember is my shoe getting caught on said rope and not even wanting to lift it, then I woke up.

The whole cliff thing comes from a movie I found with StumbleUpon before going to bed, but I'd like to think the stuff with the bridge is a metaphor of sorts. For what, I will not say, and I'm probably thinking about it too much, but I have to wonder...

[Thing 5] Crabs are annoying :s I downloaded Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia yesterday night (I was looking for Portrait of Ruin, but found the other one as well), and have played it up to the point where I'm at a boss fight with a crab, and it's extremely annoying, because the crab is easily three times the size of you, and can climb walls, which is really the gimmick of the whole battle. Also found Chrono Trigger too though, I was hoping for the second Professor Layton game, but thus far, the only version available is in Japanese. But as for the other games, I haven't so much as touched Portrait of Ruin yet, and I've only played Chrono Trigger for about half an hour. I want to accumulate a decent amount of silver points, because as I recall from playing the Super Nintendo version on our old computer, you need at least 80 for the "best" thing.

Anyways, that's about it, because now I want to go back to those games. Then I also want to make French toast later, and also post an introduction sort of thing to openpaws, but I've got the whole night ahead of me~


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