Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

But a Fleeting Glimpse (and Public Apologies)

Before I went to bed last night, I was mulling over things lately, and had it. The key to all these problems. Then I started thinking about some guy with a sword from the episode of MacGyver I watched, and it just floated away, and I haven't been able to remember it since. One way or the other, there are three things I'm trying to keep in mind right now:

[1] Stop centering my life around what everybody else is doing. I was actually given that advice before, but evidently it's fallen by the wayside. While I shouldn't adopt an attitude of "I'm the only one that matters", I need to realize that somebody going and doing what I want to become an all-consuming thing.

[2] Stop over-thinking things so much. To use an amusing and completely-made up example, let's say in the next day or so I came up with something new and unusual to try at work, that I figured would taste awesome. I might go in to work tomorrow, and find that somebody else had tried the same thing just before I had the chance to, and then the thinking far too much would start. It would begin with telling myself that it wouldn't be the same now that they got to make, oh, a gordita crunch with beans and guacamole (and yes, I know that would probably taste disgusting, but that's why this is an example) before I did. Not only could they say "Oh, I tried that earlier and it was really good", but then I might go to make it later on in the night, and be told "Oh, Bob already did that". In reality, the only remark I can see being made would be "So what do you think?" There's a small chance somebody would say it had already been tried, but in that case, it would be without the unspoken "So why are you copying them? Figure out something of your own to make" that I'm imagining.

[3] To continue with the previous example, just because Bob makes, let's say a rice quesadilla with pico this time, that does not mean I can't. Would I like to be the first for those things? Yes, but then again, who wouldn't? If nothing else, I organized the first furmeet in this city, even if it was incredibly small. No, life should not be made into a competition to see who can do everything first, and in terms of furry stuff, everywhere I look somebody is going to have done what I want to, but that ties in with the first thing again. What's that Bob? You made this awesome food first when I was planning to as soon as I came in? Screw you. The things you do should have no effect on my plans.

As the other part of the title says though, now would be the time. For Cola, Keilian, Noir, Deoge, and anybody else I didn't think of, I'm sorry. I imagine I've made all of you at least slightly angry with these things, but as cheesy as it sounds, doing so could be looked at as my way of saying "I don't like feeling like this and I want to talk to you about it." Don't be upset if you aren't mentioned up there either. It is, in this case, either a good thing, or I actually have walked away from whatever was bothering me about you. I wish I could think of more to say than just that, but the only other thing I can think of is to say "Next time we're together, we'll go to Tim Hortons and whatever you want there is on me", but that sounds ridiculously silly, and I honestly can't even believe I typed it. It still goes though, unless you end up wanting more than $10 worth of stuff, in which case you'd better hope you have some money as well.

In terms of other things, there are two. First off, as of this Thursday I should have about a month of paid account time to give away. Does anybody (that would actually make use of it) want enough time to make use of the paid features then have them taken away? Then the second thing is that I still only have ~$30 on my Titanium card, although I've been wondering about that. When we checked out, I was informed that the hold would be released within three to five business days. That's the same amount of waiting time Paypal warns you of if you were to transfer funds from a US bank account. For a Canadian one, however, the waiting time is 6-8 days instead. I'll give it until the end of this week, and if nothing happens by then, I'm going to have at least one email to send. With any luck it won't come to that though~

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