Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

That Was a Somewhat Productive Afternoon

Still helping Julie with P2P related stuff, except this time, I was given the task of double-checking several areas because the spreadsheets for the individual routes had been changed, but the other one (aptly called "Master File") has not been. At first that would've been a pain, for checking row by row to see if each canvasser was on both spreadsheets and so on, then I had a different idea. Just type up new lists and replace the old stuff with them when I was done. So that's what I did, and is also what I hope I end up doing next week, although I'm going in there on Monday instead, because I already have plans for Wednesday. Then after that, I'm not sure. Our Christmas party is on the 18th, so I won't be going in after then until the first or second week of January, but the Wednesday before the party is still up in the air.

To be honest, I quite felt like staying curled up in bed this afternoon, but given the above, I might only have one more week to go, so I think I can give that much~

Anyways, I now have fifteen minutes to go before leaving for work. Tonight should be somewhat interesting with closing at 1, but at present, the biggest thing I can see that being a problem for is getting line taken down and cleaned. Well, that actually won't be a problem as long as it isn't busy, but finding time to sit down for a bit will be. Normally that wouldn't be a problem either, but my current routine seems to be not eating a whole lot here, then making some sort of food once things are caught up and the dining room is closed at work. Oh, and Matt was once again supposed to close last night. However, he called earlier in the day to say he couldn't come in, and nobody said anything. Yeah.

But with that, it's about time I got ready to go~

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