Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Hope It's Not What I'm Thinking

While getting ready to leave for work yesterday night, I walked into the living room, and noticed something on the table in there. A ribbon and large piece of card that are identical to what all those fur throws I ended up buying last winter were wrapped in. Now, perhaps it's just been in the living room all this time, because the rocking chair from the TV room was brought down there the other day, as the other chair was falling apart, but a little bit of me also wonders if they are selling them again this year, and one was bought as my birthday present. Probably not though, because like I said, it's already unwrapped, and I've not yet seen them there this year to begin with.

So anyways, today has been rather annoying. Something here on LiveJournal is supposed to start before midnight (or so I presume), and we're already halfway through the day with no sign of it. The annoying part of that was waking up repeatedly after noon or so and refreshing my friends page to see if a news update had been posted, but there was nothing to be seen. Perhaps when I get home from work though, but George might be coming with me, for ten minutes at most. He asked if I could find and download a movie on Tuesday night, so upon getting home, I looked for torrents of it, and, well, let's just say I can't recall ever downloading ~700MB in half an hour before. At a consistent 500kbps, at that. So I converted it to a format suitable for my PSP and showed it to him yesterday night, so as long as he doesn't end up leaving early tonight, he'll be coming back here to have it put on his PSP.

The other annoying thing is (or rather will be) tomorrow. Going for haircuts, and being out for quite possibly longer than two hours as a result. Why? I need my hair cut, as does Mom. Naomi too, but she also wants to get hers dyed or highlighted or whatever. I really should ask Mom and Dad about mine, but... I'll wait for a couple months after I get the third part of my tattoo done, just so it isn't too much at once. But also, Naomi's friend wants something to be done with hers, so she'll be coming along too *sigh* I am seriously considering bringing my laptop, but I don't have a whole lot to do on here that isn't internet-related (well, I do, but haven't touched any of them in a while), and that might be a bit... weird. Then again, I'm considering doing the same when I go to Underground Tattoos next Wednesday in order to have color reference of what I want done, but in both cases, we'll see. Doing so tomorrow would probably be overkill, and although I'd have a way to get it there on Wednesday, getting home might be a bit of a problem.

Oh, and yes, I'm well aware I haven't been signed into MSN / whatever else for the past several days now. There's something I'd like to ascertain before doing so, and as yet, I've not been able to. I really don't miss it though, which may or may not influence my decision in the end *shrug*

But with that, I want to put some more songs on my PSP for PSPRevolution before leaving for work. Possibly some more music to listen to as well, but that all depends on how much space I have left~

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