Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

There's Only One Word for This :x

And it is *sigh*

Thank you for contacting Customer Service. Pending authorizations in your account mean that the amount of the authorization has been set aside for your purchase. Most merchants have 14 days to claim funds from a pending authorization before the authorization is automatically removed. Once a merchant claims funds from a pending authorization, it becomes a settled transaction. Because of the nature of car rental, rental car agencies and hotels have up to 45 days to claim funds from an authorization.

So now I know why I haven't yet seen any sign of the money that was held at MFF. On the good side of things though, I checked my balance yesterday night after withdrawing money for Mom and Dad, and I have about ~$1,700, so I'll definitely be taking what I need for the third part of my tattoo from my checking account on the 9th. It's actually sort of weird though, because for a couple weeks now I thought the 9th fell on Wednesday :s Thankfully I realized that the other night, because it wouldn't have been good if I showed up a day late.

Anyways, this afternoon was quite long and boring as expected, but my hair is cut now, and I've made a little bit more progress in both Illust Logic and Portrait of Ruin. All that's left to be done in the first one is the last group of color puzzles, then the Nest of Evil as well as other random odds and ends in Castlevania.

Since I'm not really getting anywhere right now though, one thing to end this entry with:

Pictures of Blue and Raja and of the drive to MFF and MFF itself and everything else I found interesting enough to take a picture of can be seen here. Movies will be uploaded eventually too, but probably won't be finished until tomorrow afternoon sometime. I suppose I could get started on them now though~


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