Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Last Minute Christmas Present Ideas

I still haven't been able to think of anything to get for my Secret Santa gift, so I sent Madius a message yesterday afternoon asking for more hints if possible. When I came home from work, he had replied, telling me exactly what to get. Well, two things, really, but I'll just look for one or the other. As for the other one, I'm pretty sure Naomi still uses IMVU, and I could be certain 7-11 sold gift cards for it at one point. If not, meh. I'll just transfer some more money to my Paypal account and buy her credits or a package of stuff if they offer it with that. Although there'd better be a way to specify a delivery date, because it wouldn't do to buy them, say, sometime next week and have her get them instantly :x

Speaking of next week though, I am going to get very, very bored. I have Sunday through Wednesday off, work Thursday and Friday, then have Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday after that off as well. Of course, that's because I was planning on going to London on the 8th and 15th, but I'll more than likely be getting a ride on the 15th now, and that special event on the 8th isn't being held anymore, as I said a while back. Then the weekend after that holds my birthday and the Secret Santa / Satan meet on the 15th, but while I should be going to that, I may or may not have plans for the 13th anymore. The sum of a reply I got from an email I sent to Deoge this afternoon was that he's hosting some end-of-the-semester party that weekend, and if he feels alright he'll drive up on the 13th, but if not, we'll do something on Sunday. That's the exact same thing he said about the day after I got the first part of my tattoo done, and we only talked to each other online then, so I'm not holding my breath.

Anyways, just waiting on 7:00 to roll around for now, which is when I'll be leaving for work, which I really hope will be dead, given how much it snowed in the past twelve hours. It looks awesome outside, and I definitely am looking forward to walking to work in it, but I can only hope we aren't busy. Especially with Michelle and Manoah being the two closing managers. George also works though, and despite everybody else going on about how much they dislike working with him, he and I get along quite well, so meh.

Other than that, today has been pretty slow thus far, so there isn't too much more to mention. Some of the movies I recorded at MFF can be seen here, but there are still plenty more to upload, mostly from the "Whose Lion is it Anyway?" thing. There's one from the Fursuit Parade too, then another from when we were crossing over the bridge back to Canada, but I'm getting to them one at a time. There's actually something quite pressing I need to take care of now too, so this is done so I can go do that~

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