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Karadur Inacu 

Two Seconds Later and I Would've Been Fine :x

Was just playing more Order of Ecclesia, in the first underwater area of the lighthouse "level". My health was running quite low, and there was one boxed-in path I hadn't explored that was quite close to a warp point, so I went back to it in hopes that there'd be a save point at the end of it. Of course not. There was some "Sea Demon" enemy, and a chest. Unfortunately I died just after opening the chest, but had enough time to see what was in it. An HP Max. Up item, which not only increases your maximum HP (as you might expect), but also completely refills your health. Yesh ;_; But whatever. I beat that crab boss after dying at it about six times as well, so that's enough accomplished for the time being.

On a different topic, I've been thinking about something. Despite having at least eight days off within the next two weeks, I don't consider any of them to be complete. As in, tomorrow I'm going to Heart and Stroke, Tuesday I'm going to Underground Tattoos, and Wednesday I'm going to be taking care of my back. Then Saturday is my birthday, Sunday is the day Deoge said we might end up doing something, Monday is the Secret Santa / Satan meet in London, and I'm not going to want to do anything early Tuesday morning, for having just gotten back from the furmeet. Despite that though, I still plan on going to 7-11 tonight, not only because it's been a long time since I've gone there, but also to see if they do have those IMVU gift cards. Well, that's assuming I don't get called in...

As I said in my entry yesterday, Michelle was supposed to be one of the closing managers last night. What happened? She called in. More than likely because of the weather, but that's not what I'm concerned with. She's also supposed to close tonight, and while the roads are probably in better shape (better than the sidewalks at least), who's to say she won't call in again? So Manoah asked me if I'd come in to help if they needed it, and I said yes, because honestly I can use the hours right now. Mind you, I made sure to specify that I wouldn't be closing, and if he does call I'm going to argue the need to bring my uniform, but we'll see. Otherwise, it's just him and George closing tonight, and they were both so very pleasant yesterday.

George was on drive through last night, and was, after we closed, quite adamant about not being on it for his next shift. Manoah explained that he probably would be, causing George to get all pissed off and such, followed by questions about what he (Manoah) should do. I told him several times to go back and explain that if Michelle showed up for her shift, he'd explain to her that George had been on drive through last night, and ask if she could take it so he could have a break, but if she didn't show up, he wouldn't have a choice.

Then more stuff about how she shouldn't be trying to be friends with everyone and all that. Yes, it makes the shift go alot more smoothly if everybody gets along with each other, but that shouldn't be your first priority. Hell, have been several instances on both Friday and Saturday night where I wished I was a manager so I could tell the supper staff "Talking to each other can wait until you've clocked out. Please work on getting some of the dishes done for now." But then also, as I explained to him, that's part of the reason I like closing. We're effectively left to do our own things without manager intervention, and the shift still runs smoothly (most of the time) despite that. It's nice being put on line or whatever and being trusted to do your job there and have things cleaned up in a timely manner when we close.

One way or the other, I'm going to assume that if they haven't called by 9, they're fine, and that this other stuff will have died down by next time I work.

Other than that, I could write about a dream I had where I'd just gotten back from MFF again and was taking furry-related courses in some school, but I can't remember very many more other details about it aside from a miniature bulldozer, and a shelf of greeting cards :s Classes like that would be cool too, but then again, to have those would imply that the furry fandom and all things in it were pretty much mainstream, and I'm not sure how that would work out.

For now though, back to Order of Ecclesia. Perhaps I can actually find a save point this time~

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