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Curiosity is Going to Wreck the Kitty's Laptop...

Kill the cat? No, but I'm very much displeased with this right now. I found this with StumbleUpon earlier in the afternoon, and downloaded the registry files thinking it would at least be something interesting to try later tonight. Now, however, I'm at the computer in the dining room. My laptop is running Ubuntu off the live CD, and I'm using it to transfer the files I want to keep from my storage partition, so I can, once it's finished, install Vista to that partition (Ubuntu won't allow me to mount the partition XP was installed on because it wasn't shut down cleanly), *hopefully* be able to back some other files up that were on my desktop, then finally reinstall XP using the recovery CDs, and likely spend a good portion of tomorrow night getting everything back the way I had it. Thankfully I do still have my USB stick of all the programs and such that I use regularly, so that'll save me some downloading. It's still rather annoying having your plans for the night go from sitting up in your room watching old TV shows on your laptop to taking everything downstairs and hoping you can successfully recover your files through a series of several time-consuming steps :s

Oh, and for what it's worth, yes, I tried rebooting several times, as well as pressing F8 until I was given the boot options menu. Each and every time, however, would end up with both my keyboard and mouse not responding, and plugging a USB keyboard in didn't work either. I suppose it works out too though, because for the past little while I've been feeling tired with the way things are on there, so setting everything back up again will give me something else to concern myself with. It's almost done backing those files up anyways, and installing Vista will probably be the thing that takes the longest amount of time to complete. There needs to be some System Restore on a CD thing though, because what I figure screwed it up was running Auslogics Registry Defrag at the same time (which requires a restart to complete), and it creates a restore point before doing anything. Or possibly Avast too (it's been bothering me to reboot for some time now), but I'll figure that out when I reinstall it.

Anyways, despite that, tonight has not gone all bad. 7-11, unfortunately, did not appear to have those IMVU gift cards, but I'll head out to the other one on Friday or something, seeing as that's where I saw them originally. Buying credits or a package of stuff is still an option, yes, but I realized I'd need her account name for that, and not only do I not want to ask her so it will remain a surprise, but also, in all likelihood she has multiple accounts, and I wouldn't know which one to get it / them for...

Getting away from those things, I also stopped by Tim Hortons, and the laughing / giggling had started before I even reached the counter ^^; Some lady sitting over by the window asked if it was cold out, and why I was dressed as a cat, then the couple employees behind the counter did more or less the same thing, eventually saying that it was cool, grabbing the things I'd asked for, and going about their business. Honestly, I really don't mind having to explain what it means to be furry and what I'm doing that's related to it. Most of the time it's actually fun, because somebody I don't know and wouldn't talk to otherwise is showing an interest in what I'm doing, but I just can't help the feeling of not wanting to, because they'd either have forgotten less than ten minutes after I walked away, or they were just asking to be polite either. Yes, I am a pessimist at times, and this is most certainly one of them. I still can't wait to get a full suit, but my problem is either saving up enough money first, or convincing myself to take it out of my savings, which I really don't plan on doing.

I suppose I don't really need to be down here now though. I just needed to see if there was some sort of command line system restore in XP, but apparently there is not, and Vista's about halfway installed, so I'm heading back upstairs. I've come to the conclusion that Order of Ecclesia is much more difficult than it needs to be (and there's really no feeling of accomplishment when you beat a boss or acquire an item you needed to access some out-of-reach area or object), so I've started a new game on Aria of Sorrow. Yes, the GBA one, but it's going fine so far~

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