Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Enough With the Pessimism

It's sort of funny how you can think something's done and over with, and then have it come back for a different reason. I don't plan on going into describing what I'm referring to, but as an example, I sent Deoge an email about an hour ago to let him know that I still hadn't made up my mind about what I'm doing with MSN (yeah, I know I made things sound rather definite yesterday, but I've since changed my mind), so *if and when* he came up here this weekend, I'd probably be around the house somewhere, and that I'd *presumably* see him then. No, no, and once again, no. Subtlety like that has it's uses, but not in this case. For what it's worth, in the last email I sent him, I said our options would likely be limited to bowling or seeing a movie, and I'd be quite happy to do either of those. Even if it ends up being on Sunday instead of the day before. I mean, Pidgin still isn't open right now, so the only chance we're going to have to discuss specific plans for Monday will be either of those two days, and if I make it sound like "If you still want to do something", I'm going to end up stuck here, and I cannot miss this coming meet. That actually brings me to my next thing.

Despite what I said yesterday, my laptop did come with me to Underground Tattoos, and somebody nearby had an unsecured access point, which I was able to connect to until Mel wanted to turn the table around so she could reach the other half of my back without stretching over me. During that time though, I noticed Madius had sent me a message on here that more or less said "I hope you're going to make it next week, because we really need you and Keilian to be here with the gifts you're presenting". I wasn't, and am still not sure what to make of that, but I sent a reply that said I planned to be, and immediately started wondering why he sounded so worried. Unless somebody read that protected entry I posted a while back and told either him or Cola what I said about going in the first part of it. Either that, or everybody who took part in the draw is showing up, and for us not to would ruin things. We'll just see then, but maybe he'll respond tomorrow sometime.

But now that I've mentioned that place, the pictures of the final part can be seen here. That one, and the several after it, but the last image is the design, and thus is there purely for the sake of completeness. I'm starting to think more and more about what Mel said regarding whiskers though. No, Mom, Dad, and possibly Adam and Naomi would not take it well right now, but it's still purely an entertaining thought. Another one is even that it may sound a bit weird, I enjoy the thought of doing / having that sort of stuff done and going around to show it off. For what, you'll probably ask? The attention? Sure, partly, but most of it is liking the idea of being someone who does all those strange and unusual things. Yes, there are others who have been there before (there was a guy I met at MFF (where the definition of "met" is "had sit down beside me while waiting for the fursuit parade to start") who had several modifications made to his face), but in this case, I find myself thinking "Them having been there before me proves that it can be done" instead of "I can't do that now because they've beaten me to it".

Anyways, it's 5, and I'm getting tired, so it's time for sleep. At least the best I can sleep with a garbage bag and shirt over top of me~

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