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Karadur Inacu 

And Here I Was Getting Tired Earlier...

There are a number of possible causes, but I was sure I wouldn't last past midnight, and yet here I am at 5am still going strong. My neck hurts though, but I'm going to blame that on yesterday's event, because I noticed the same thing the other two times as well. Things are going pretty much as I'd expect them to at the moment, but sleeping with that garbage bag on was not pleasant. Despite having the window open and fan on it's highest speed, I still ended up sweating, and the sensation of that plus plastic stuck to your body is not something you'd be used to feeling while trying to sleep. My back looked predictably nasty when took the bag off as well, but I was expecting that, and Naomi helped clean it up, so all that remains for now is figuring out what I'm going to do at work tomorrow. I do have a couple other random things to write about however, and I'll start with the ones involving pictures.

[a] Earlier (less than two hours ago), I thought to myself "I could go for some sort of snack right now", and after taking care of my back, went down to the kitchen to see what was available in the "stuff that isn't eaten cold" category. There were several mini pie shell things in the freezer, as well as some already-grated cheese and pepperoni in the fridge (the latter was diced, not grated, just to clear that up). I'll just make things simple and say that when you put those together and add a couple more ingredients (plus some baking time in the oven), you get these ^^ The only problem was not letting them cook for quite long enough, leaving the bottoms of the shells somewhat moist, but thinking about it now, they tasted like those McGriddle things you can get from McDonalds. Oh, and I might hear it from Naomi tomorrow, because I think she was planning on using the pepperoni and cheese to make more of the pizza stick things she's been quite fond of lately, but we're going grocery shopping, and thus can pick up more for her while we're out~

[b] Even though even less time has passed since I took that other picture, I can't remember what my exact intentions were for taking this one. It's there though, so look at my pretty desktop now that I've actually taken the time to find a matching wallpaper and visual style. Also, that's what the fonts in my LJ are *supposed* to look like. It was sort of weird using the computer downstairs the other night and having them look different than I'm used to :x If you want them yourself, look for Windows XP visual styles titled "LED" and "Shaded". For the last one, download and install Microsoft Office, or pick through the .cab files like I did until you find the right one. Or just send me an email. Would probably be much easier. Oh, and my cursor is hidden somewhere in that picture. Find it, and I'll buy you a virtual gift with one of my free certificates or something ^^;

[c] More things regarding the Secret Santa / Satan furmeet. I now have a medium-sized list of things I need to pick up at Real Canadian Superstore tomorrow for making cookies to take there, for one. Nothing that should be extremely expensive, but I picked out two recipes, and they both call for three cups of oatmeal, which seems like an awful lot to me :x Getting them there should, fortunately, not be a problem since I'm getting a ride with Deoge, but keeping them warm will be. They can always just be left out to come to room temperature though, and sticking them in the microwave is always an option, but I'm leaving that up to whoever wants one to do on their own. The second thing regards the post Madius made to the community earlier today. They have things to talk about openly? I have a feeling I know what they are, and I almost decided to post a comment that said "If you're going to bring these things out in the open and talk about them, I'd like to take the opportunity to bring up my wearing a tail outside as well." If you happen to read this, Cola, I don't care if you tell him that (I don't intend to though, for not wanting to stir up any more drama), but please mention something else as well. Not to be rude or harsh, but both he and you would be very kind to pass a message along to whoever has been saying things to either come to me directly, or please not say anything at all. I try my best to be understanding about those sorts of things, but it's quite difficult to do that when you aren't even being told to your face. And yes, I realize whoever doesn't like it (assuming there are others aside from Madius) may not want to offend me, but it's far worse hearing it second-hand.

[d] One thing related to the above that I forgot yesterday. I'm actually rather looking forward to summer this year, for when it gets too humid to even comfortably walk around outside with a t-shirt on. The words "indecent exposure" come to mind, but this year, I plan on at least walking home without a shirt in those conditions.

[e] If there was anything else, I can't remember what it was, and it's already 6:30 anyways, so it's time I got to sleep~

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