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More Dreams...

It was the day of Taco Bell's Christmas party, and for some reason, everyone in our family was coming along, but there was still an hour or so left before we had to be there, so I asked Mom if we could quickly run up to EB Games to see if I could get a Wii. For some reason I knew for a fact that they had them, so I was really in a hurry to get up there. She consented, after a bit of thinking, so I ran into the house, up to my room, and unlocked the little box I have my money in. The envelope was in there, already opened, with no money inside. I ran out into the hallway, grabbed Naomi by the hair, and screamed "WHERE'S MY MONEY!?" at her. She stuttered a bit, then said something about how Sarah took it. For some reason, I assumed it was Sarah from Taco Bell, so I ran downstairs to the computer, and tried to find her phone number, but I couldn't. I just wasn't able to type properly, or the sites wouldn't load or something. Eventually I gave up on that and demanded to know where Sarah had gone with it, and Naomi said something about how she'd told her "Get a deposit before they come back." Then I woke up, and I could tell that it was a dream, and not real, but it got me to thinking, I really should deposit that money. It's just not safe sitting around here. Then, once again though, if I did, when the time came that I actually had a use for it, I'd have to up and withdraw it from the bank again. I don't know.

Anyways, I pretty much just woke up, yes. I know I said I was going to be up at 10 to phone EB Games, but I woke up around 9:30, and found that my alarm clock hadn't gone off at 9, so I just turned off my DS (since I had the alarm set on it as well), and went back to sleep. I just phoned them when I woke up as well, and simply got told "No we do not." All it takes is giving them one phone call every day, and I think I can manage that.

So yeah, today's my second day off in the two I have right now. I work tomorrow at 7, and I also am going volunteering tomorrow as well, so I probably won't be able to stay up as late as I'd like tonight, but we'll see. I'm thinking of heading to Taco Bell for supper (through the drive through, of course), but other than that, I don't know what I'm gonna do.

That's about all for now though.

Edit: So Mom just got home, and got on the phone with the bookstore at the mall, to see if they had some "Politically Correct Bedtime Stories". Apparently Naomi wants it for a Christmas present or somesuch. Whatever. What's funny is that I googled it, an the first result was a page for it on amazon.com. Within a few minutes, we had it ordered, when you think back to last year, how she utterly refused to order someone's gift online because it was "unsafe" :p There's some pretty sweet looking stuff on there that I might ask her if she'll order for me, provided I pay her back. I don't know why she'd say no, but there's no way to tell without asking.

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