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Tiger =/= Snow Leopard ;_;

It is my birthday today, and we just finished eating cake and opening presents. Once again, there was money in it (the cake), and this time, I got $5 out of two pieces which I'm quite pleased with ^^ Presents were a package of those mini Babybel cheeses, and what I'm going to assume is a tiger-striped throw. Mom said it was supposed to be zebra patterned, but last I looked zebras were black and white as opposed to light and dark brown. Also, according to her, they got that one because they "couldn't find any leopard skin ones". No. It is *fur*. Also, last time I looked, Real Canadian Superstore still had those leopard-spotted sheet sets, and while I don't expect to get another one of those, it stands to reason they'd have other things of the same variety. At least it shows they're thinking though. Either that, or Naomi told everybody else what I said to her. Meh. I could be really fussy and say "If I can find this stuff, there's no reason you can't", but mot of it was purchased online, which is something Naomi might be somewhat familiar with, but is not something I could expect them to do. Although there's something interesting related to that, but only in the furry sense. In the past two or three days alone, I've received at least four comments about somebody liking my arm warmers. One was at Walmart, another at Real Canadian Superstore, as well as Zellers, and once in the mall as well. Each time I was asked where I got them too, and it's sort of difficult trying to figure out a way to say "I bought them online, but they weren't from a store or anything." One time I settled with saying they were custom made (and really they are), then I started thinking about that in a bit more detail.

You say you like them, which means if you had the opportunity, you would likely buy a pair of your own, but these were custom made anyways, and as yet, are the only ones like this in the entire world. Yes, they're just arm warmers, and rather insignificant as a result, but I really strive for things that I can say are truly unique to me, so I'm more than willing to take what I can get <3

Anyways, Deoge and I are supposed to be meeting up at Tim Hortons in about an hour, because he sent me an email earlier this afternoon to say that he was back in Chatham, followed by a list of things we could do, one of which was going there. I was looking over Stinson Theatres' website yesterday, and there's one movie that looks rather cool, titled "Bolt", so maybe we'll end up doing something tomorrow as well, in which case that will be my first suggestion, but if not, I'll either forget I ever heard of it, or find a torrent. That might not be the greatest idea when I think about it though. When I came home from work yesterday night, there was a pamphlet sitting on Dad's pile of stuff on the kitchen counter, which contained information about our internet usage. Through it, I found that we do have a limit, which is 60GB, and the graph marker for September was right up at the top of the chart, when the 60GB mark was in the middle :x There is a good side to it though, being that I now know there's a $1.50 charge per gigabyte after 60, which can go up to a maximum of $30. I'm already giving him $30 a month anyways, and Adam and Naomi are both putting money towards it as well, so unless Bell really decides to be mean, all they can do is balk and say "You're going over your limit".

There are still a couple other things I could write about, but since I can't figure out how to word any of them, I'm just going to go back to DS games until 10:30. Hopefully it stops raining by then as well, but it's already stopped and started twice since the first time I thought that tonight~

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