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Some Things of Interest

[a] Was stopped by a couple girls sitting outside on the way to Tim Hortons. One of them said they had a question which was, unsurprisingly, why I was dressed as a cat. The normal explanation ensued, then they went on to say that there are pictures of me all over Facebook ("all over" is relative, obviously), that I am "the cat boy", and that I'm like a superhero or something. So yeah. Modesty and a tiny bit of embarrassment compel me to simply say "Cool". I told them I'd have to take a look when I got home, but I'm not about to sign up for a Facebook account and spend the better part of my night searching for the pictures, but it is quite fun to know that, well, I'm noticed. I know I've gone over it before, but I don't like being normal, which you could say is the driving force behind me doing that. It's still mostly just for fun, but also in hopes, that somebody else will see me and tell one of their friends "You'll never guess what I saw!" Or maybe I'm just doing it for the attention, but if that were the case, I would be the one stopping everybody I run into to ask "What do you think of this?"

[b] Just because Deoge asked this, my continuing to be signed out of MSN (or Pidgin in general) is nobody's fault. If I had a choice, I would not use it at all, simply because I've gone multiple days before with it open without talking to anybody (and I'm not one to strike up a conversation unless I actually have something to talk about), and it seems pointless to use the program when I'm really not at all. However, everybody else seems to prefer IM programs to emails, and because I don't want to impose, I use said programs too. However, this particular instance can more be blamed on not being sure if I wanted to continue using it when it seemed the only meaningful chats I was having had to do with being depressed about something. I actually sort of wanted to open Pidgin yesterday to see if anybody would say "Happy birthday", but to do so for that sole reason would, to me, be wrong. Maybe that doesn't make sense, but trust me - my logic will give you a run for your money >:3

[c] Apparently I come across as being more innocent and unaware than I really am. One of the other things Deoge mentioned at Tim Hortons was that he, Howiepup, and Robodobie (I think) have plans in either January or February. They're going somewhere, and although he wouldn't give me any specific details, it was mentioned that they were going to a bar. That sounds innocuous enough (which is, once again, a relative thing in any case), but there must be something special about the bar or what they plan to do there. If not, what's to hide? If I had to guess, I'd say they're going to the same sort of place that was selected for the Halloween furmeet festivities in London (if I remember correctly). Either way, I'm quite amused with how little he, Sheila, and other coworkers or friends who don't come to mind think I know about the things I'm not into. It's also a nice thing though, so I'll stop talking about that while I'm ahead ^^;

[d] Thanks to StumbleUpon, I now have one other idea of something to get Naomi for Christmas. Last year I figured something involving cats (although I feel compelled to say the way she and I like them are different), but couldn't think of anything then. I just hope the store in the mall carries what I'm thinking of, because otherwise I can't think of where else I'd find it offline. As for other gifts, I have pretty much everything now. Minus one more thing for Mom, but I don't plan on wrapping anything until Christmas Eve or the night before, just so they don't happen to go through my room and see them ahead of time. The only thing I'm disappointed about is how we won't be getting anything from Aunt Marie and Uncle Mark, but they have good reason, and I'm still looking forward to going there with my paws and ears on as well this time to see what they say. Besides, if I were them, I'd still buy those Lifesaver books (even though I remember when there were ten packages in them as opposed to the 5 that there are now), so we'll just have to see.

Hopefully I'll have a couple other interesting things to write about tomorrow, but they both depend on certain furs getting back to me. In the meantime though, I'm going to play Picross DS or whatever 'till I get tired enough to go to sleep~

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