Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Here's a Random Question

Paws up whoever's had a soapy glass of water to drink before.

I'm making the second batch of cookies for tomorrow here, and one of the steps is to grease the cookie sheet. That, of course, left my fingers all wonderfully greasy, so I washed them off with soap, but neglected to notice the glass I had used to get a drink of water was right under the faucet. Sure enough, once I'd finished with that, I picked it up, grabbed the pitcher of water from the fridge, filled it up, and drank. Halfway down I noticed the water seemed unusually bubbly ;_; As you might expect, soapiness isn't the greatest taste ever, so my first thought was to get a fresh glass of water, but instead of grabbing a new cup from the cupboard, I poured the remaining water out of the same one and filled it up again :x Then I got a new cup, finished off the pitcher of water, and had a glass of milk to drink as well. Pity me.

But yeah. Bolt was quite awesome, and Deoge and I were the only ones in the theater, which was a first ^^ Next time I see him will be at ~4:30 tomorrow afternoon, but the only things I have to do between now and then are to finish making this batch of cookies, and possibly one more of the ones I made last night (they're easy to make, and the container of them isn't quite full right now), then head out to the mall tomorrow afternoon. I'm sort of hoping for one thing in particular tomorrow night as well, but the past few times it's been done they specifically mentioned it, and nothing has been said this time. But if not, I can say "thanks" and hopefully be done with it, so we'll see what happens.

Randomness is fun~ <3

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