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[generic furmeet-related title]

All in all tonight was pretty fun. Things didn't go exactly as I figured they would, but I enjoyed myself, and everybody else seemed to be having a good time too (well, aside from a couple specific things), and that's really all that matters ^^; Unfortunately, there are far too many things I want to write about running through my head right now, and of course I cannot think of where to start, so I'm just going to write one of those long things tomorrow given it's my last day off until Friday (and by then I'd have forgotten most of what happened).

The couple things I will say are that I ended up with a $20 gift card for Walmart and a twenty-dollar bill, so maybe I'll end up combining those and heading out there either tomorrow or on Friday. I am slightly disappointed about just getting money, but Walmart might have something (snow) leopard related that I haven't found yet, so that still works out. The other thing is that I still prefer going there by train and staying a couple nights to getting a ride there and back, but my reason for that can more or less be condensed to not liking the way something was said to me. Oh, and also, apparently by having a tattoo I should be going about flaunting it every chance I get, but I just can't picture that. Drawing attention to myself is something that feels wrong no matter which way you put it, and I didn't get it just to show off. Mind you, I do enjoy showing it to whomever if they ask or express interest, but that's as far as it goes. And before anybody says it, as far as I can tell it is not hypocritical of me to say that. I wear my tails / ears / whatever else to work because it's fun, and also feels right. Not for the attention (yay for repeating myself). The same applies for my tattoo, but without so much emphasis on the fun.

Anyways, the next thing I have to concern myself with now is Heart and Stroke's Christmas party on the 18th, which I still don't know the location of (anybody want to tell me where The Tipped Barrel is?), but I'm going in there on Wednesday, and Michele should be there. It's time I was getting to bed though, but just before that, since I've already sent out a couple emails with this link tonight, pictures can be seen here. I was planning on taking more, but I thought I forgot my camera at home until we got to London, and once there the light on it was being annoying and I didn't want to bother anyone else. Oh well. That's what tomorrow's entry will be for~

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