Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Not One Word of Warning

As stated yesterday, I was hoping to go out to Walmart and Real Canadian Superstore today, but Mom and Dad have, according to Naomi, "gone away to a hotel for the weekend". Truthfully, the distance to walk out there isn't beyond what I walk in a normal night, but with the sidewalks the way they are, I think I'd prefer to stay here and go out for snacks later or something. Besides, if I were to walk out there it would be 40 minutes to an hour before I even reached the place, then I would spend about a half hour walking around looking for things, then take the same amount of time to walk home, but probably stop by Wendys or Taco Bell along the way. Then again, waiting for a bit may work out better anyways, because the next time there would be a chance of going is Boxing Day, and even with the insane busyness at Walmart then, more stuff would probably be on sale or lower-priced.

My only other complaint at the moment is of hunger, but there have been ribs and twice-baked potatoes sitting in the fridge for about half a week now, so I could either have those, or look through the rest of the fridge and see what there is to be made up. I could just resort to buying a box of donuts at Tim Hortons, but I want something hot (or at least warm) before eating cold food.

As predicted though, Michelle had indeed called in yesterday night leaving the three of us to close, but Kim stayed 'till 10, and Eryn sort of closed the dining room, so it wasn't overly annoying. Well, actually it was, because Kim and Eryn are very messy steamers and stuffers, and seemed more interested in telling funny stories or asking if we were all ready for Christmas once the orders had been taken care of. As such, last night ended up being the third in a row where I've done the exact same things as the previous night, being starting about 10 minutes early to clean the fry dump, bag bertha, clean mini, bag pans for hot line (or re-bag them in the case of yesterday night because Kim had done them strangely), put a garbage bag in the bottom of cold line, take all the milk, water, condiments and extra sauces under line back to the walk-in, and all that other fun stuff. It ended up not being very busy though, which saw us leaving about quarter to 4. All in all a decent night, but I'm not looking forward to the next shift I work, for something that I may or may not elaborate on depending on how things go.

This afternoon has been pretty slow as well. I woke up at 3, after having a disturbing dream about certain events that have long since passed, went about my usual stuff (stumbling into the bathroom, going downstairs to see if there was anything interesting to be found there, then looking through my RSS feeds for new articles), then talked on MSN with somebody I met at MFF for a couple hours. Well, not just him, but it's sort of difficult figuring out how I want to address the other one, so I won't and be happy with that. Also finally making that donation, and now I'm writing this, after which I'll be going downstairs to see about food. Oh, and then I mentioned to the "other one" that I may or may not record myself singing a couple Christmas songs I like, and maybe I will, but that won't be 'till later tonight anyways. I sort of want to, just to see what somebody else thinks of me singing, but I also doubt I sound half as good as I think I do, and also, it's one of those things that's rather embarrassing. Then again, I used to think the same thing about having pictures of myself online, but now it's one of those things that I don't mind, but try not to abuse either. Meh.

Anyways, it's now quarter to 8, so I might as well at least try to have some food in my stomach within the next fifteen minutes~

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