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I Have Weird Thoughts at This Time of the Morning

Just before switching back to Firefox to write this entry, I had been looking at my desktop and right-clicked an MP3 because I really wanted to see the context menu or something. One of the options in it was "Scan with Avast", and I got to thinking. Would it be possible to record yourself singing or make a song in a certain way so that a virus scanner would return it as being infected? Probably not, because if what I'm thinking is right (and by no means am I saying it is), the vulnerabilities with those types of files come about from the way certain programs handle abnormalities in them, and I can't think of any possible way that you could create a playable song that, when loaded into Windows Media Player / Winamp / whatever other audio player you prefer would cause non-physical damage to your computer. It's still an interesting (albeit silly) thought though ^^;

The second thing has to do with this. They friended me at exactly 8:09pm yesterday night (if the email I got from LiveJournal is to be believed), and I saw that post when I checked my friends page earlier this morning. The specific part in question has to do with the air mattress. At first I was going to post something along the lines of "Google knows all >:3" with a link to a page of results which would show you how to, but no. Going by the first page of results (because I figure that's all anybody looks at unless they really need to find something), Google does not know how to blow up an air bed, *or* an air mattress. Sure, everybody has articles on how to *inflate* one, but how difficult could it be to create a rule that says "if the search term contains 'air bed / mattress' and 'blow up', replace it with 'inflate'"? Then again, to have to create rules to account for every single phrase that changes meaning depending on the context in which it is used could be quite time consuming :s

The third thing (and both the second and third aren't so much weird thoughts as random things, obviously) is a little bit of public embarrassment. As mentioned in my previous entry, I told DJ Snowfang I was thinking of recording myself singing a couple Christmas songs I like to see what others think of them, and he mentioned wanting to hear them too. So I did, and suffice it to say, if I have to sing "The First Noel" one more time tonight I am going to eradicate any and all traces of it from my laptop (I've redone it close to ten times now), but the links can be found, well, I'll provide them in a minute. The one thing I absolutely insist on is that if you are going to listen to them, you have to hear the original versions first, so you know what I'm trying to imitate. They can be found here (O Holy Night) and here (The First Noel). Listen to them, and if nothing else, be sure to note O Holy Night's terrifyingly long ending note. As for the MP3s of me singing, they can be found (in the same order as above), here and here. As stated above, having posted them online is an extremely unnerving thing to me, but if I don't do it now I'll only have regrets, for not only backing out of something I had at least a tiny bit of interest in doing, but also because after the 25th, they really aren't seasonal, and that makes it even more odd. Yes, I'm well aware of what I said about enjoying doing unusual things as well, but in this case, it's something of the "actions speak louder than words" variety.

Anyways, it's now 7:07 in the morning, so I need to get to bed because Mom and Dad are supposed to be back sometime this afternoon, and I need to get out to Real Canadian Superstore if nothing else~

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