Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

No More Christmas Parties ;_;

Well, *I'm* not sad about it, but the rest of the staff probably are. Suffice it to say, Country View Golf Course asked us not to come back the one year I went, for something having to do with Eric, then this year, they were kicked out of Jerseys, for reasons I won't detail (aside from saying "underage drinking") because I can't think of any way to say what went on without mentioning names. As such though, Sheila and Earl have decided not to have any more Christmas parties, and from what Josh was saying, the next time we work, there may be significantly less staff, or more new employees that need to be trained on *everything*. I hope not, because the last thing we need is more drama there, but I don't work 'till Saturday, so I'll have to see what's happened by then.

Despite that, however, I would've preferred to be at the party for how busy it was at work. Our "supper" rush lasted for at least two and a half hours, which I steamed most of, so of course I didn't feel like doing very much on line after that, aside from putting a bag under cold line and other random closing-related things. I do rather wish I could find out what, if anything, was said about me after I left, because not only did the two closers from London see me with my tail / arm warmers / ears on, but Josh also told me to show them my back, after which I had to explain the furry thing, and having Josh use that same word when saying something about me as I closed the bathroom door to change. I am used to hearing it used about me (sort of unrelated, but George seems to quite like saying "But you're a snow leopard!" whenever I chide anybody about complaining of the cold) by other furs, but not in a nonchalant way by somebody who isn't furry... Meh.

The one good thing there was that Ron (Sheila's husband) and Tina brought in some food from the party, so I stuffed some into a Box Meal box before leaving, some of which is still in the fridge for tomorrow or whenever. Given that I had that to bring home, I ended up both calling for a ride and not going to 7-11, but if anything I'll go there tomorrow or on Wednesday night.

Other than that, I came home with a headache that has only gotten worse since, so I intended to go to bed early, and as such played Picross DS for a bit in hopes that I'd get tired enough to go to sleep, but, while still having the headache, am not as tired. Although I did get a message from DJ Snowfang and an email from somebody that saw my email on furry.ca, and apologizes if they got someone else. The latter's fine, because I can reply to it before leaving for Heart and Stroke tomorrow, but I do feel sort of bad about not responding to DJ, because I told him yesterday night that we'd talk today sometime :x But perhaps that's where the email preference things comes in. With that, there's no worry of "You must read and respond to this before I go offline!" *shrugs*

It's about time I tried to get to bed again though. This time, however, I only get to sleep 'till 1 in the afternoon. Ah well~

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