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Karadur Inacu 

Time For Another One Of These Lists~

It's almost quarter-to-five in the morning, so I'm not about to come up with a short title that encompasses the several things I want to talk about. Aside from "Stuff", but that's too short, and is rather unimaginative too. Anyways...

[a] Christmas gifts before and after >:3 The before picture is, as last year, protected, to prevent anybody from seeing what I got them until Christmas. Mind you, the chances of anybody but Naomi remembering my LJ still exists are fairly slim, but it can't hurt to be safe. Also, I know I said I'd probably procrastinate and not wrap them until Christmas Eve, but it took significantly longer than I thought, so I'm glad to have them done now. Funny to think that in less than two days all my work will be undone, but meh. It wouldn't be the same if they weren't wrapped up. And yesh, I did run out of red wrapping paper for that big one. Not right at the end either :s

[b] Chat related things.
(2:24:15 AM) Karadur: (I like presents to be a surprise ^^;)
(2:24:31 AM) DJ Snowfang: oh?
(2:25:12 AM) DJ Snowfang: Dyno asked why you dont talk to him?
(2:25:35 AM) Karadur: I can't think of any decent way to explain it right now, but it's mostly from trying to think of stuff they'd like, and seeing what they think of them
(2:25:49 AM) Karadur: And I have Pidgin minimized to the system tray, so I wasn't even aware he was online...
(2:26:27 AM) DJ Snowfang: ah ok :)
(2:26:29 AM) Karadur: He isn't right now anyways :x
(2:26:39 AM) DJ Snowfang: hes in bed
(2:30:07 AM) DJ Snowfang: just so were clear: DJ is not a 2ed person
(2:30:12 AM) Karadur: Some random fur (at least I'm assuming they are) sent me one yesterday, apologizing first if I wasn't who they were looking for, then said they had questions and such (presumably about furries) to ask without somebody bashing them, so I said "sure", but all they've said up to this point is "I've always felt, more animalistic I suppose." :B
(2:30:20 AM) Karadur: 2nd?
(2:30:42 AM) Karadur: Or once again, hmm?
(2:31:15 AM) DJ Snowfang: Dyno is very good bring life to his suits
(2:31:28 AM) DJ Snowfang: at*
(2:32:16 AM) Karadur: *nods* are we getting into fourth-wall stuff here or am I thinking too far ahead? X3
(2:32:26 AM) DJ Snowfang: nope
(2:32:34 AM) DJ Snowfang: just wanted to make sure you know
(2:32:56 AM) Karadur: I's a smart kitty :B
(2:33:34 AM) DJ Snowfang: :)
(2:33:49 AM) Karadur: (just didn't want to say / ask anything earlier in case I was getting ahead of myself~)
(2:34:20 AM) DJ Snowfang: Dyno and me are 1 person but we act differnt
(2:35:21 AM) Karadur: *nods* I sort of figured that, but that's where having multiple characters and stuff comes in. You can't make them all act the same :s
(2:35:50 AM) DJ Snowfang: oh he knows
(2:36:26 AM) DJ Snowfang: hes crazy thatway
(2:36:57 AM) Karadur: Not to change the topic once again, but here: share in the pain of the large gift I have to wrap ;_; http://img72.imageshack.us/my.php?image=thislinkwontwork.jpg
(2:37:06 AM) Karadur: And I wouldn't say crazy, but the proper word escapes me right now...
(2:37:21 AM) Karadur: Eccentric? No...
(2:37:27 AM) DJ Snowfang: LOL
(2:37:49 AM) DJ Snowfang: IM SO HOPEING IN THAT BOX
(2:37:56 AM) DJ Snowfang: HOPING*
(2:37:59 AM) Karadur: HOPPING
(2:38:03 AM) Karadur: ^^
(2:38:30 AM) Karadur: I'm sure he won't want it after the thing is taken out from inside though, so I shall save it for you :3
(2:38:49 AM) DJ Snowfang: YAY! my own box
(2:39:31 AM) Karadur: X3
(2:39:41 AM) Karadur: All I can think is "The silly things we talk about at this time of the morning" ^^;
(2:39:59 AM) DJ Snowfang: heheheh

To explain the first thing once and for all (not talking to Dyno), see here. The second thing is all that wonderful 4th wall breaking. I had a hunch that they were the same guy the first time I talked to DJ, because he had to go take a nap just as soon as Dyno had to run off somewhere. One way or another, that's his own thing, so he's free to do whatever he wants with it, but isn't the idea behind developing multiple characters to keep everybody from realizing they're all being controlled by one guy (or girl)? ;_; Ah well, once again. If he hadn't said that I wouldn't have been able to write this bit, because I didn't know if he was trying to keep it a "secret" or what. As for being contacted by that random fur, I'm still waiting on a reply back from her, and finally, I am quite serious about the box thing. Even if I have to store it in my closet until next time we're able to meet. That might be a while though, because I have this list of stuff worked out in my head that I want to have done before making those sorts of arrangements (more or less measures to ensure I need to rely on others as little as possible), but the box can be used and reused in the meantime :3 Now I'm starting to ramble, so this paragraph is done.

[c] I cannot remember anything else :x Possibly because it's now almost 6 in the morning, but at any rate, I'm just going to go to bed so I can be up around 2 or 3 tomorrow. There's Carols by Candlelight at 6 (or so Naomi says), and then we're going to Aunt Marie and Uncle Mark's place after that, so I want to be ready for those things~

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