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Definitely Better than Last Year :3

Somewhat of a quandary to begin with though. Today is Christmas, and as such, I was given presents, which I took pictures of, but sort of don't want to post, because if somebody else were to come to me saying "Hey, look what I got!", I would not like it. Since this is my LJ, however, and anybody reading it is doing so of their own will, I should not be worried about that stuff, and therefore will at least post links to the pictures. Yeah, it's sort of amusing what goes on in my head, but I was seriously considering making up other flowcharts (like I did for when somebody's online) of my thought processes that usually lead to interesting conclusions. It would also have it's use for something else, but I'll worry about that if and when it presents itself again. Without further ado though, gifts that were under the tree, and presents from my "stocking" which was, amusingly, a 7-11 bag with a hole in the side :B

As you may expect, I am most fond of the pillows and throw <3 The pillows are, unfortunately, a bit more rough than I expected, but they'll do for anything aside from sleeping. The throw, however, is absolutely awesome for what it looks like, but if it really is faux fur as the label said, it's really, really short :s Also, a funny observation made on all the throws I have. The ones that look nice and / or actually are made of fake fur are too small to fit over my entire body unless I curl up or bend my legs. The other one I got for my birthday does fit all the way over me, but there's no way tigers have stripes that are that thin. Not to say I don't like all of them, but one has to exist somewhere that is both large and furred. I will find it, but not yet, apparently.

Then as for tomorrow, Mom originally wanted to go to Walmart around 10, but both Naomi and I said 2 or 3 would be better, so it looks like we'll be going then. I am excited, yes, but it's been a year since last time we went in the same conditions, and as such, I will probably be terribly put out once again having to wait in the checkout line for half an hour. The one thing that's changed is that this year I have at least $40 to spend (possibly more, depending on how things go), so hopefully there will be some good stuff to be found :3

Everybody else seems pretty happy with their stuff, although I'm curious to see if the thing I got for Dad will work out-of-the-box. One would assume it could also be made to simply play CDs and tapes, and if so there must be some way to switch between playback and conversion, but perhaps he'll give it a try while we're out tomorrow.

Otherwise, merry Christmas to whoever may be reading this ^^ Well, that, or if you don't celebrate Christmas, hopefully you had a good day anyways :3 I'd say "Happy New Year" too, but thus far, it looks as if I'll have the 31st *and* 1st off (much to the dismay of those employees who want to go to parties), so I'll be around to say that then. For now, I'm going downstairs to grab a second piece of cherry pie (because if I wait any longer it will disappear), then I'll be going back to Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance~

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