Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Close, but not Quite

While waiting in the checkout line at Walmart earlier today, some guy walked up to me and said he had a question. If what I was doing was "furby". I said "Furry, yes...", but he repeated it, and I'm quite positive there was a "b" in there, so I'm not sure exactly where he got that from. It is the closest I've come thus far to having some random man or woman know what it means to be furry without them asking first, but it's a bit too early to be impressed. Then there was an employee standing right near the exit that was checking and initialing everybody's receipts, who asked me what the "cat outfit" was for, then meowed at me as I was walking out the door. Are snow leopards cats? Yes, in a very basic sense, but I think you'd be hard-pressed to find one that meows. Then again, given everything that's gone on so far, it's just as much if not more rare to have somebody see me as a snow leopard instead of a regular one. That or just a normal cat, but either way, the point still stands.

Anyways, I picked up yet another leopard-spotted sheet set (it'll be the fourth now, but there are also tiger stripes and smaller spots on it), and another big pillow. That was, of course, over $20, but at least I used all the money on the card, instead of leaving a ~$3 balance on it like I've done before. Now I want to go back tomorrow too, because there was another set of sheets that I want ^^; It's sort of hard to explain, but given that most of my time right now is spent in my room, it's nice to buy things for it and make the "I like (big) cats >:3" think all that more obvious <3 Only problem is that I have to work tomorrow at 8, and if I am able to go out there I'd much prefer to not have to work, but I could always leave opening it 'till I get home. Once again, it's hard to explain, therefore I'll leave it at that.

As for other random things, I wish it was snowing instead of raining out, because I sort of want to go to Tim Hortons, but I've also had far too much to eat today, and I should save the actual cash I have for New Years' Eve, if anything. Not that I have any special plans, but I might as well go out for those things on a special night, assuming the places I want to visit are open. That could easily be remedied by going there earlier in the afternoon though, so meh. Also, I've started thinking ahead to next Christmas and have something to get for Adam, assuming I'm still here. Not that I don't think I will be, but alot can happen in a year, thus I'd rather not be overconfident. Anyways, one or more seasons of Red Green on DVD. Just checked eBay, and they have several on there, but I'm not even going to think about actually buying stuff yet.

But with that, I need to go ask Naomi if she's done with those Home Improvement DVDs I was given. I may have already seen all the episodes, but they are mine, and as such she has no reason to keep them~

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