Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

A Random Assortment of Things

To begin, a memory of something that happened close to ten years ago that's been floating around in my mind since I got home from work tonight. There is, in London, a Smittys somewhere along Wellington Rd that we, as a family, went to while in the city for matters more than likely related to visiting the hospital. Shortly after being shown to a table, everybody else started complaining of it being hot and stuffy, but instead of getting up and leaving immediately, we looked at our menus, figured out what we wanted, ordered, *then* took off with not one word to any of the employees, and went to some other place with a name that had the word "family" in it. "Family Circle Restaurant" or something to that effect. Just... no. I can understand needing to do that, but at least have the decency to tell someone "We're leaving" instead of disappearing without a word. It's annoying when that happens at work (mostly getting an order in drive through that's finished by the time the customer pulls up, then having them not be able to pay). What are we supposed to do with the food? Right now, it's using whatever we can of it for the next order, followed by letting anybody else that wants something in it help themselves, then the rest get thrown out. Then we're supposed to record whatever was left after the first step in the waste book, but I haven't seen it in ages, and nobody else seems to miss it either.

Also on the topic of work, there are a couple things I've found myself wanting more and more to tell customers lately. One is "We're closed in ten minutes. You showed no interest in coming through earlier, so why must you all flock to the drive through now?" and the other is "Try the steak". For the first, that's exactly what happened on Saturday night, and for the second, on both Saturday and Sunday, we've carried over at least four bags of steak. I blame the supper staff, for thinking we're going to need to much of it. As such though, whoever is on drive through usually gets encouraged to upsell something with steak. However, nine out of ten customers just have to have chicken. Oh, and I'd also like to tell Manoah that I've been closing for the same amount of time as him and am thus quite capable of making sure we have enough food down. I'd much rather take my chances and only have one bag of beef ready at a time instead of two, because with that there's a risk of not using the second and having to take extra steps to carry it over as well (and where closing is concerned, every minute counts).

As for that one thing I mentioned in my previous entry, a silly thought pertaining to it. While I don't agree with that the definition of "fursona" seems to be these days (it is the furry version of your real self; not a completely different character), I'm still thinking about what I can do in real life to make me look more like mine. Well, aside from letting my hair grow longer, because that'd invite several uncomfortable questions from family and friends, and would also present some implications at work that I'm not ready to deal with yet. Explaining why I still want to do those things is sort of difficult, but aside from what I've said before, being furry, for me, does not end at just choosing a species. Then there's also the social aspect of the fandom too, but that's something I'm still thinking about.

Anyways, it's quarter to six, which means this entry is now going to end in the usual way~

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