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It's a Good Feeling <3

A quick paragraph about work to begin with. It's rather funny how much more amicable I can be with customers when I'm on a cash position. I was instructed to count a till to make sure there was $125 in it shortly after changing, and thus figured I was going to be on front cash. Strange thing is, when I counted it, I got $127.25 as the total, yet when Steve counted it off after the dining room was closed, it was almost $4 short. Honestly, I could care less because Chelsea's was missing ~$6 as well, so they'll probably find it in the morning, and if not, that's $4 that I won't be able to spend at Tim Hortons, which I think I can deal with. That aside, the order was due to come in tonight, so I was given the task of rotating the walk in, after which I swept inside of it because there were two empty milk cartons among other things underneath one of the shelves, then deck scrubbed, which is something I heard Sheila say she did *once*, but otherwise, as with deck scrubbing the dining room, have never seen done. Speaking of Sheila though, she, Josh, and I want to say Michelle all made up some snacks that they put into gift bags and gave everybody. Normal (yet not really seasonal) things like popcorn balls, then not-so-normal things that looked like chocolate, and a small slice of a sandwich that had solidified. From what I heard, most of us (me included) ate the couple things in it that weren't homemade (Hersheys Kisses and a cherry-marshmallow thing that's supposed to resemble a bell) then either gave the rest away or left it out for others to pick through. Why? Because it didn't taste right. Then Manoah suggested it may have been diabetic-type chocolate, which does make sense, although it's too late to find out now.

Then the other thing that I was quite pleased with was overhearing Manoah and Steve talking about that, and going into the walk in for something just after hearing Steve say that the cookies I brought in were different. I like to hear stuff like that ^^ I don't cook or bake very much (right now), so it really is flattering to hear somebody say they'll eat things I make, but not what somebody else gives them. Because of that though, Manoah wants me to make up another batch of the no-bake cookies, which I probably will do on either Wednesday or Thursday (we have more than enough oatmeal left, and it won't be used for anything else), but when I brought the rest of the ones I took to London in, it was suggested that I try putting coconut in them next time, which would actually be good. We are, of course, lacking shredded coconut, but if Mom goes to get groceries before I have a chance to ask her to pick some up, I'll head out to Sobeys and get some there :3

Abrupt topic change now to something of the furry variety. I got a "hello :)" from DJ Snowfang earlier on (around 1) tonight, and as usual, said something random about what I was doing to hopefully give us something to start talking about. Tonight it was finding it weird having gotten home from work so early, and he asked why. The next thing he said was that he didn't work, because "nobody wants a snowlepperd". I told him I was doing quite fine, and his responses to that were "you look more mundain than i do" and "you got the human suit". Excuse my marveling at those twelve simple words, but I've never thought of it that way. It does make sense when you think about it though, and I'm not just saying that because I like the thought of it. There is literally no time or place where I do not have even one thing with me that corresponds with the pictures I commissioned from Cooper. I always have a tail on (if not my ears and possibly arm warmers / paws) when I'm outside (barring one or two exceptions), and when I'm at home or working, I have my tattoo. Now if only I could get everybody I see regularly to start calling me "Karadur" (or the short form thereof), I'd be set. At least for a couple months >:3 Our conversation after that switched to other not-quite-furry stuff, and ended on me saying I'd talk to Dyno on Skype tomorrow afternoon, so that should be interesting, because all I've used the program for so far is to test my microphone, and click the "Decline" button in a couple windows that had popped up from other users of the program finding and wanting to talk to me through the search feature.

As such (and because I'm tired), I'm going to set my alarm and get to sleep, so I can be up in time to figure out what's going on with him tomorrow~

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