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Just got picked up from volunteering, and as soon as I got into the van, Mom told me that Taco Bell called. Want me to close tomorrow night. I'm to phone Earl back with my answer. Hell no. I'm in at 7 tonight, so it's almost a foregone conclusion that I'll see him then. Why do they want me to close tomorrow? Why? Thursday nights, aside from Mondays, are usually the most dead in the week. I don't know who's working, but if they've got enough people on that they can give me the day off, they should be fine. The worst that could happen is the order will come, and that's usually only a half-hour worth of work. That's completely setting aside the fact that if it's one thing I'm not going to do there, it's working Thursday, Friday, and Saturday closes. Unless I have at least two days off after Saturday, but that isn't the case this time.

I think I might know why they want me to close though. Amy's last official shift was a week ago Thursday, okay? If I remember correctly, last time I looked at the schedule, she was still on for closing tomorrow, but she's obviously not going to now. Looking at things that way, it does seem incredibly stuck up of me to not work that shift, but it seems that whenever someone can't work whatever shift, I get called first. Of course, that's probably because my name's near the top of the schedule (and it's arranged alphabetically), but that has the advantage that, if I say no, they'll still have plenty of other people to call.

Anyways, volunteering this afternoon went alright. Got stuck up at the front computer, seeing as someone else was using the one I normally do, and all I really did was type stuff out. I don't know why it happened either, but twice during the afternoon, I felt like I was going to throw up. Repositioning myself and taking a few deep breaths of air seemed to help, but I can't help but wonder why that happens. It's not the first time either, and it's never happened at Taco Bell to date. The only thing I can think of is that it has something to do with just sitting in the same place all afternoon. At work I'm up and about, and generally don't stop moving unless we get a chance to go sit down. There's usually also fresh night air coming in through the drive through window as well.

Enough deliberation for now though. I'm off to play more Half-Life 2.

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