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Just So I'm Not Terribly Late

To whoever sees this, Happy New Year ^^

I've been trying to write an entry centered around that topic for several hours now, during which I've started over three times, and am debating increasing that to 4. However, I believe the problem right now is that I'm tired, and as such need to think more about what I want to say before I say it. Amusingly enough, I downloaded a program last night with a speech-to-text thing that I was going to try "writing" at least one entry in here with that would've eliminated that problem, but half the time it doesn't work, and the other half I'm not speaking clearly enough or something. Also, I can type faster and with more accuracy than talking at the moment, which I realize makes it three halves, but you get the point.

Since I want to go to sleep though (it's after 5 in the morning now), here is a list I've been compiling since the beginning of December of things I would not have expected to happen last year on this date:

[a] Get a tattoo
[b] Contact Deoge
[c] Be contacted by Hawk / Cola
[d] Organize furmeets here
[e] Go to MFF
[f] Come out about being furry to Mom and Dad
[g] Commission two pictures from Cooper
[h] Get a passport
[i] Have somebody friend or contact me on LiveJournal without knowing who they were (Da-Fox, Keilian, Noir, Tanjana)
[j] Go outside wearing fursuiting stuff
[k] Go to the Toronto Zoo
[l] Go to more furmeets in London
[m] Attend the second Islington meet

Sure, some of them aren't really necessary (item L when item C would imply that), but if I were to trim the list down by that rule, it would be too short, and it's sort of difficult trying to decide if one I want to remove is dependent *only* on one other thing on the list, or if there's a second item on there that could account for it as well :s

Anyways, that's enough. Is time for bed now~