Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Only One Question Remains

That card was indeed from Kumakehu and Rory (although amusingly enough, both names were written in the same style), so now I have to wonder what happened to the one that was sent last year. Anybody here may have thrown it out, but I still have reason to believe they would've known it was for me, given that Adam said "Hey Karadur, there's a card on the counter for you" in a "Saying this sounds really weird" tone of voice a couple times the other (Wednesday) afternoon. Whatever the case, I have it, and Munedust's has yet to arrive, but one out of two is better than nothing. I even went so far as to scan it, but just before I start sounding all weird, it will be the first card I've ever gotten from a friend, so it's rather... special :3 There really is something nice about getting a letter or card or other piece of paper with something on it that's written in ink (or perhaps pencil). Sending emails or instant messages is fine, but reading something on a screen is not the same as holding a real piece of paper with words on it that weren't put there by a printer (and by that I mean the thing you buy ink cartridges for; not somebody who prints). I'd say Skype is the same too, because I talked to Dyno on it the other afternoon, but hearing somebody else talk and being able to detect subtleties in their voice that you'd miss with text sort of falls into that category of being different too. Or perhaps I'm just obsessing, which is very much possible.

In sum, if you see this, Kumakehu, I got the card this year, so thanks for it ^^ Same goes for Rory too, but that's one of those things that goes without saying. Hopefully you get mine soon (if it hasn't shown up already), and I look forward to sending you another one at some random point this year (not necessarily a card; perhaps just a piece of paper with something written on it) because that sounds like it would be fun.

As for other things today, somebody had a bath earlier and didn't bother to drain the tub, I talked to Keilian for a bit, and Adam and I replaced the large table in the dining room with a smaller one that Mom and Dad were using to play games on New Years' Eve, because the big one was very much at risk of collapsing. The amount of garbage on it was rather disgusting (old papers from school and such), and I've also found out that, while looking pretty, microwaving a CD isn't a good idea, because it smells and makes little pieces of the coating on the label side go everywhere when you pick it up. Oh, and it also made a rather interesting pattern on the plate I put underneath of it, but that wiped off, which is probably a good thing considering nobody would've wanted to eat off of it otherwise. Keilian had me watch these, then I gave him this link, shortly after which he went offline and hasn't been back since. They're both worth taking a look at, but I'm not going to look for anything else interesting right now, because it's already 6, and I need to be up relatively early tomorrow so I can find out when I have to be at work. Speaking of it though, I made another batch of those no-bake cookies, which, unfortunately, do not have coconut. On the good side of things, I ate one, bringing the total down to 42, approximately half of which will be coming with me to work tomorrow to share with the closers.

Now, as per usual, I go to bed, because even though this is fun, I'm going to regret it tomorrow afternoon if I stay up any later~

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