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It's Been a While

Wow o_O Has it really been that long since I actually wrote a new entry in here? It really doesn't seem like it, let me tell you. First of all, I saved a copy of my LiveJournal onto my PSP, so I can write in it at home, then update it whenever I'm at Heart and Stroke. That's about the best way I can think of to write in this, outside of having to use a very small window, and constantly risk being caught while I am doing work. The stuff in the black cells above (the entry title, date, and time posted) obviously represents when I started writing this, but I'll make a division for each seperate day, and set my mood / music accordingly. I hope that's not too confusing :P

Anyways, to begin, I now have a PSP ^_^ I've got the following games / UMD movies for it:

:: Lumines
:: Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee
:: The Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion
:: Joe Dirt UMD
:: Are We There Yet? UMD
:: PoPoLoCrois
:: Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
:: Wipeout Pure
:: Burnout Legends

I ended up getting Lumines with the PSP, as I'd called before I went to EB Games, to check if they had that game at all (funny side note here: I originally was pronouncing it as "Loo-mines" when, according to the person who answered the phone, it's actually "Loo-min-ess"), and apparently she recognized my voice <_< After I'd paid for the PSP itself, she asked me whether I wanted to get Lumines as well. It was a preowned copy, so after tax and everything was added on, it was only $40 or so, as opposed to the $60 I usually pay for a game. Skip ahead to now, and honestly, I pretty much only listen to music on it. I upgraded the firmware to v2.6 a week or so ago now, and I can't be bothered to load Liberty City Stories just to play Mario or something. If ever a downgrader is made to go from 2.6 to 2.0 or something, I'm going to get it faster than you could believe. It's much more convenient to just go through the Photo menu. I've also surfed the internet on it all of once. We were at Smitty's for supper, so I did a scan for any available wireless access points, and one was found. The signal strength was 100%, and there was no security. I have a feeling the reason a connection was found is because they have a computer that the employees use, that's running Windows XP (last I knew), that's presumably connected to the internet. Text entry is a pain in the arse though. Honestly, if I were to try to enter everything I've typed in this entry thus far (code and all), it'd take me a good 3 or 4 hours. I forget where I read it now though, but apparently a version of Opera (I'd rather use Firefox, but whatever) is coming out for the DS, so with any luck, one will be able to surf the internet from any location (knowing it though, it'll only be locations at or near their Nintendo Wi-Fi connection hotspots), and if so, I'll pick that up. Anyways, I also managed to find another access point in my room (of all places :P). The signal strength ranges anywhere from 14%, all the way up to 92%, but whoever set the connection up chose WEP for security. I've actually gotten to the stage where my PSP says something about trying to obtain the IP address, but it always times out there. Bah. As of right now though, I've got 15 minutes before I've got to go to work. Whoopee. *spins fingers* All I'll say is that tonight, I'd better get my most recent pay stub. It's going to have my earnings on it for that whole week I had to work, from getting called in, plus my regular shift earnings, so I anticipate it to be a fairly generous sum. On the subject of money, we finally got a letter from the bank, informing us that the children and grandchildren of Elmer Bowyer (our Grandpa) were receiving part of his estate, as according to what was left in his will (he passed away back before Christmas). We (meaning my brother, sister, Mom, and myself) all got letters from TD Waterhouse, saying that they wanted to help us as much as possible with our concerns, whether it be investing the money, or something else. The one thing they didn't mention was transferring all the money into our individual accounts, and letting us use it as we see fit. Everyone else but me has torn up their letters (that's going a bit far, if you ask me - recycling them would've worked just as well), but I have a feeling it's going to be some time before we actually see any sign of just how much we're getting. Still on a money related topic, I got my pay stub at work. In the past two weeks, I earned a nice $420.82. $458.32 before the government got to it. Right away, $40 is going to my parents, as me and my brother have to contribute 10% of our earnings to pay for gas, as we usually get rides to / from work, out to EB Games if we want to buy a new game, and elsewhere. I have next Saturday off (bloody amazing, if you ask me), so I think I'm going to get ~$50 for pizza, and junk food from 7-11 or Sobeys, and leave the rest in my account. I've got to save up the money, as I plan on getting a Nintendo Revolution whenever they're released, some more RAM, and possibly a new video card / another hard drive for my computer. Currently, there's 512Mb of RAM in it. My Dad brought home an old computer Thursday morning, and I took a look at it after I got home from volunteering. Whoever owned it before they put it to the curb formatted the hard drive first, as I was asked for a boot disk when I tried turning it on. I swiped the RAM chips from it, and tried plugging them into the computer I'm typing this on, but they're too small, or I didn't put them in correctly, as when I turned the computer on, nothing happened. I was considering swiping the hard drive as well. It was only 2Gb (compared to the 80 that's in this computer), because it would've been useful for storing, well, certain files on, but let's be honest. I know next to nothing when it comes to the actual hardware of the computer. I knew how to unhook the thing, but I had no clue where to start had I wanted to put it in this computer. Oh well. As for the video card, I've got an nVidia GeForce FX 5200 right now, which has 128Mb of memory, but I really want to get Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion when it comes out, and I doubt it'd run very well on my current configuration. Finally, new hard drive. As I already said, there's an 80Gb one in here right now, and I've got a 120Gb external drive, but I want something I can leave in the computer, and not constantly have to worry about lugging out of the box, plugging in, and safely removing when I turn it off. Maybe that's laziness, and if it is, I could care less :D Anyhow, yeah. Outside of the Revolution and new computer equipment, there's not a whole lot I want. Having a supply of cash is always good if I ever get a craving for Fritos or something, but other than that, there's pretty much nothing. Games are about the only things that come to mind, but I get those fairly regularly right now. There's a slight slight slight slight slight (enough slights?) chance that I'll get a Playstation 2, because I really want to try the DDR series on an actual gamepad. I consider myself to be awesome on the computer, but on a pad, I'm laughable. DDR Mario Mix isn't that great of a game though. Of course, I was logged in to my own account at the time, and the last thing I want to do is post something under my name to someone I haven't talked to in ages' journal. I may sound really disagreeable, but that's really how I feel. Given that, my mood icon should really be something about being infuriated or frustrated, but I haven't got any picture of that mood saved :/

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