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Objectivity Isn't Always the Easiest Thing

While at work last night, the phone rang, and Eryn answered it. Some lady was calling to say that she was just in and had ordered a nacho bell, and, only after getting home, noticed that there was hardly anything on it. Eryn told her we would replace it whenever she was in next, and the lady (all I remember is her name started with a "T") said she would come back right away then. Fine, whatever. We actually prefer that because it saves us having to write your name and phone number in the book, and whoever takes your order next time you're in having to search through said book trying to find it.

Anyways, who I presumed to be calm, collected, and just slightly irritated at having her order not made well lady came in again, while I was at the back breaking down cardboard in preparation to take it all out to the bin because it was making a mess. As such, I didn't see or hear the rest of what happened for myself (outside of some shouting and Manoah yelling "You know what? You can have a nice night!" then going out the back door to have a smoke), but it was more or less explained to me later.

When she came in the second time, she explained who she was, and Eryn started to remake the nacho bell. However, she put at least three scoops of beef on it (when there's only supposed to be one) as well as far too much of the other items, so Manoah explained to her that if she didn't stop over-portioning, the customer was going to have to pay for those extra toppings. Mistake #1 right there, but I'll get to it in a bit.

Just as soon as he said that, calm, collected, slightly irritated lady turned into collected, angry lady, asking him if he should be talking to his customers like that. He said he was talking to Eryn (mistake #2), followed by her telling him "Screw you" (just with the four-letter word beginning with "f" instead of "screw"), and then the shouting started. After she said that, Manoah apparently asked her to leave, which is to be expected. She refused, saying she worked as management for customer service at some place that was never mentioned, and that he couldn't talk to customers that way, which was when the screaming and shouting started. However, instead of picking up the phone and making a certain call (which was mistake #3), he, I presume, continued to argue with her, after a certain while of which one of the other customers in dining room walked up to her, asked "Did you get your stuff?", to which she answered "Yes", followed by the other customer saying "Then get the hell out!" (with expletives in place of "stuff" and "hell"). Complaining lady told other lady to mind her own business, and either some more shouting followed, or complaining lady left.

Next thing I know, I'm up on line cleaning things up, when a guy walks in and asks for the manager. At first I thought "This had better not be the husband of that lady that was yelling", but I got Manoah, and as it turns out, the guy only wanted a pen. He and his wife were the two customers that were in the dining room at that time, and wanted to give us their phone number so Earl could call them tomorrow afternoon and hear things from their perspective.

Shortly after that, complaining lady called back acting all sweet and such, asked Manoah if there were cameras, because "An investigation was being conducted", and that was the last we heard from her for the rest of the night. It was a good thing too because we were busy from ~11 to 2:45, during which time I steamed and stuffed most of the orders. Michelle, Steve, and George are supposed to be the closers tonight, and as such, I plan on staying away from line as much as possible unless it involves wiping it down or something. That is, assuming Michelle shows up, but she had better.

Anyways, as for those mistakes...

[Mistake 1] Manoah should have let Eryn finish making the nachos, then told the customer "There's extra stuff on there just to be on the safe side", then, once she had left, pulled Eryn aside and told her not to over-portion.

[Mistake 2] Just say "I'm sorry". If they don't calm down, explain that you were talking to somebody else. If it still escalates into the sort of thing up there, well, just hold on and hope for the best.

[Mistake 3] Pick up the phone, call the police, and tell the customer that they are on their way. At worst, he or she will curse a bit more then take off, but in the case of last night, there were other customers in the dining room that could recount what happened and / or give a description of the lady. It may not sound like something serious enough to merit that, but not one single part of our jobs require us to be verbally abused by you just because you're having a bad day.

The fourth and final thing is that, although Manoah, Eryn, and even possibly James (he was up in drive through at the time) might think there's no way they can get in trouble, Earl does take that "The customer is always right" thing quite seriously. If he was there last night, he would side with the three of them, but as things stand right now, those other customers volunteering to tell him what happened as well are what's going to help them the most.

But yeah. I work 8 - close both tonight and tomorrow, so I should probably get my things ready soon~

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