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This Night Has Lasted Forever

Not literally, of course, but it seems like it has. Earlier on (around 11), I went downstairs to make more cookies, and was down there 'till 3, mostly because I got to talking to DJ, Keilian, and Cooper all at the same time, and thus didn't start making the second batch until a half hour after I said I was going to. Then I came back up to my room, cleaned things up a bit (folding blankets and setting them aside, putting things back in the closet, and tossing all my clothes into the basket), watched the final two episodes of The Drew Carey Show, then did various things online. Although for the second-last thing, I noticed just earlier tonight that season 9 was all out of order (the first row alone is 16, 19, 20, 6, 3, and 17) which was weird for the first little bit, but the final two episodes were right where they were supposed to be, which is really all that matters. I might have one theory to venture as to why this night seems to be lasting so long though. For the past couple weeks I've been watching that TV show in my spare time pretty much nonstop, and each episode is approximately 20 minutes. Therefore, by watching three, an hour would have already passed, and 3 episodes really doesn't seem like that much. In any case, it's an interesting thing to think about, but I also noticed one more earlier.

While talking with somebody online (in the case of tonight it was DJ, but it's happened before I was introduced to him as well), there are often points where both of us run out of things to say. In at least half the cases, one of us will think of something to mention, and just as soon as I'm about to start typing, a little message appears in Pidgin that says "[x] is typing...". Either that, or the same thing the other way around, but it's one of those things that happens regularly enough that you start to wonder if it really is a coincidence. There was also another thing like that several years ago with Josh and I, wherein he would upgrade his computer or get something for it we didn't have, and we would have the same thing a year later (give or take a couple weeks). The only examples that come to mind are him getting a new computer, and getting connected to the internet, but neither were exempt from that "rule".

As for those other things, both Keilian and Cooper have expressed interest in getting an R4DS, so combined with the one James wants, the subtotal is $62.48. Not bad considering I paid more than that for mine, but that's what I get for buying it when they were still fairly new. Keilian is 99% sure he'll have the money by the time they get here (although my plans right now are to ask Cola about going up for the meet on the 23rd of February, so that'll leave plenty of time), and Cooper just wants me to let her know if I want money or a commission, as well as instructions when she gets it. Oh, and James seemed quite pleased when I told him it'd be $40 at most for one, so the only thing he has to worry for now is waiting.

It's obvious now what I was talking to them about, but chatting with DJ was a bit... different than normal, which I'm blaming on being downstairs in the kitchen. Perhaps it really isn't necessary, but I consider it sensible and polite (at least on my part) to apologize if I don't have anything to say (although in doing so I'm saying something, which would negate the need for saying anything if only it was possible to apologize for not saying anything without saying something), but going by his response, I want everything to be perfect, which has a certain truth to it. I still think it's slightly rude, but most of that is making assumptions about what others expect of me (without confirmation from them), and not wanting to break those expectations. Moving on, through conversation, that "human suit" comment he made the other day was brought up again, and I found myself not knowing what to do.

One of my options is saying "This is what I am" (sort of like everybody saying they were dragons back at DR), and never mentioning wearing tails and other stuff of that sort outside again, or freely talking about it, and proving once and for all that the way I see myself in those pictures is just what I wish I could be. Then it occurred to me that I could talk about that sort of stuff with Dyno (especially because he's already done / is doing it), and think that other way when talking with DJ. Yeah, I realize in doing so I'm one step away from making my fursona into a completely separate character, and I don't want that, but until I figure out a way to say "I wear tails to work and got a tattoo because this is the way I really see myself", it seems to be the best option. Especially with those other two things, one of which is my name.

Anyways, it's almost quarter-to-seven, and I want to be up somewhat earlier than normal tomorrow afternoon in preparation for going to Heart and Stroke on Wednesday. Besides, I write way too much when I'm tired ^^; As per usual, that's it, but it wouldn't be the same if I didn't find some way to trail off~

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