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Karadur Inacu 

That Explains It

Well, I found out why they wanted me to close tomorrow, and honestly, it's a rather poor reason. They have nobody on that really knows how to take down hot line. The carryover is quite possibly the most frustrating part of it, and even that's pretty easy once you know what you're doing. Anyways, right now, tomorrow's closers are Ange, Glenda, Eric, and Lisa (I think). Ange knows how to take down cold line, and she's watched both me and Kevin do hot, so there's no reason she shouldn't at least have an inkling of what to do. Glenda was joking around a bit about how she might see us when she calls us in tomorrow, but she didn't seem serious. I hope she really wasn't.

Moving on, work tonight wasn't that bad, for starting at 7. I walked in, did the fry dump, then rotated torts, then wandered around, eventually going up on line to steam, since everyone else was done, then I slowly got done bagging hot line. After that, we basically did nothing for an hour or so, then Jerome brought a bucket of water up from the back, so we deckscrubbed, then the three of us (Kevin, me, and Jerome) went out and started working on the dining room. It's amazing how fast things can get done when you have three people working on it. Kevin ended up mopping the actual dining room, and Jerome did the bathrooms and the hallway. By the time all that was done, it was just about 11, so we locked the doors, then I started working on getting line taken down. I just had cold line done, and was starting on hot when we got a rush. I swear every single order had a nacho bell in it. It seemed like those, the cheesy gordita crunches, bean burritos, and nacho supremes were the popular items tonight. By the time that rush ended though, it was about 10 to, so Glenda said we were closed, and went out to have a smoke. I continued working on hot line, and Kevin did the dishes (because he was actually on drive through tonight :o), and we ended up being out of there a couple minutes before 12:30. Pretty good.

Right now, I'm seriously contemplating just staying up as long as I can possibly manage tonight, then going to sleep. I figure that'll have a couple advantages. 1) I can see me easily staying up 'till 10, so I'd be able to call EB Games right when they open, 2) I generally (and obviously) get a much better sleep when I'm absolutely exhausted, as opposed to simply going to bed because it's 5 or 6 in the morning, and 3) It's Adam's day to go grocery shopping tomorrow, and he shouldn't have a problem with me coming along, so I might just sleep 'till 5, because he gets done work either then or at 6, then we could stop by the bank, and head out to get groceries. The only reason I really want to go to the bank is so I'll have money hidden around here when I feel like going to Sobeys or 7-11. Last night I had an unbelievable craving for a slurpee (of all things), but of course, I only had about $1.50 in change. Well, I still have at least $7.00 in rolled coins upstairs, but those are mostly just there so the change doesn't get scattered all over the place :x

With any luck I won't have to work tomorrow, and the only person that I can really see pestering me to come in is Shelia, but seriously, think about it. Really, the only reason they want someone to come in is so they have someone on that knows how to take down hot line. I should've just told Glenda "I'll probably be up then, so if you need to know what to do, call me" because the steps are pretty simple. Here's what you have to do:

  1. Start draining the water. Underneath hot line, there's a black lever that you can push down, which'll start the water draining.
  2. Turn everything off. That includes the two mexi melters, the grill, and 4 other switches under hot line.
  3. Carry stuff over. All nacho cheese (no matter how much) gets put in a double bag, then you tie the inside bag up, then the one on the outside. Beef usually gets put in a bus bin, and the spicy and regular chicken and steak either get put in whatever size pan necessary, or a bus bin depending on how much there is. Everything else (rice, chili, bean, and red sauce) gets thrown out, except the chili, but only when there's not enough to justify doing so (only enough for one burrito or fry, for example).
  4. Wipe down the three support things, remove them, and set them aside somewhere.
  5. Clean the counter and the edges around where the food goes. Make sure to wipe everything into line, and not on the floor.
  6. Get either a bucket or jug of water, and dump it into hot line, to wash all the junk down into the hole. Repeat as many times as necessary. For any stubborn items, get the black scraper, and scrape them into the hole.
  7. Replace the three supports.

That's it. So really, as I said before, once you get the carryover out of the way, it's usually just a matter of cleaning it up. Anything else, they know how to do. Ange knows how to take down cold line, so she can toughen up and do hot line for once, Glenda can do her paperwork, and whatever miscellaneous cleaning needed, Eric can tidy up drive through and do whatever cleaning's needed as well, and the other person on can wash dishes. Easy. If they get the order, they're going to have some problems, but they'll manage. Either that, or they can just put all the cold / frozen stuff into the walk-in, and leave everything else where they can find room. The morning people won't be too happy, but that's their problem.

With that though, I'm going to head to bed. It's only quarter after 4 in the morning, but I'm boring myself to death here, so I'll at least go upstairs, and see if I can find something entertaining enough in my room. Pity I only have 3 UMD movies, because having a new one would be really nice right about now :s

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