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Day 45 Is Now Here

By the end of this week, I want one of two things to have happened. Either the hotel MFF was at is going to release the hold on my card, or Money Mart is going to do so themselves. The first thing Naomi said when I opened my door this afternoon was "Our GST checks came", and being half asleep, I assumed she meant the checks for the money we're still supposed to be getting from Grandpa's estate. Getting less than 2% of the amount I had hoped for is enough disappointment for right now, so I'd like to make a least a little bit of progress towards getting that ~$850 back :x As such, an email has been sent to the hotel (which probably isn't the best method of communication given the issue here, but if they require anything else from me, I'll probably get on the phone and call them) to let them know what's going on, and that although I may have the money back tomorrow, the 3-5 business day thing I was advised of ended up being untrue. I've already received one reply from them too, but it was just one of those automated "We got your email and will respond within the next 24 hours" things. Feh.

Anyways, as may or may not be obvious, I didn't go to Heart and Stroke today, which I feel sort of bad about, but depending on what time Mom wants to go grocery shopping tomorrow, I could just go there, then get groceries after supper or once Adam's been picked up from work (assuming he works tomorrow). We'll see, and it really all depends on if they can accommodate me anyways. I can't picture that many volunteers being there so early, but there's always a chance.

Work last night was mostly annoying, because Steve seems to be afflicted by this condition that instantly causes all the batteries to die or headsets to not work whenever he's on drive through, leading him to being on it anyways, but not wearing a headset, which means the rest of us have to keep checking the light and the window to see if a customer is there, and if so, holler for him. The worst part of that is requiring somebody to always be on line, but apparently that's a rule anyways, so if any of the customers in the dining room need something, somebody is there to assist them. The *other* part of it is that last night, he would not stop complaining of the cold, and as such refuse to wave the customers up to the window more than once, so if they didn't see him and ended up driving right through, it was their problem, when really, it's more ours.

Also, some guy called around midnight saying he'd come through about a half hour ago, and his order was messed up. His nacho bell was really salty, he didn't get his two chili cheese burritos, and he ordered two cheesy beefy melts but was given regular tacos instead. Had I thought to say it before giving the phone to Steve, I should have told him "Well, I'm going to let you talk to the manager, but I've made every single order since I started at 8, and the only one that comes close to what you say you were supposed to have was back at quarter to eleven." It gets even better though, in that he told Steve he was through fifteen minutes ago instead, and all I saw for the rest of the call was Steve down in drive through looking for his order on the till, then walking back to front cash and hanging up the phone. Here's a hint: if you want free food, make sure whatever you're complaining about is something small. When I answer the phone and somebody says their order was messed up, I really don't think twice about writing it in the book as long as it's a combo, or three items or less. Any more and I pass the phone to the manager, because last night, after Steve had already taken it, was the first time I thought of that "I'm going to let you talk to the manager, but..." thing.

Anyways, I want to go out somewhere tonight for snacks, but I've also wanted to go to Arbys since last week, but they were closed then, so perhaps I will tonight. Tim Hortons would be alright too (I dreamt I was on the way home from Heart and Stroke, and went there to see if they had a better selection of donuts earlier in the afternoon), but it might be better to save that for tomorrow night. Meh~

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