Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

That's What I Get for Waiting

Two weeks ago (more or less), there were several stuffed leopards in one of the aisles at Real Canadian Superstore that I planned on buying one of this week. However, they have been replaced by a bunch of wicker stuff (none of which resemble animals), and the leopards were nowhere to be found ;_; I did end up buying Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World at EB Games, but the only way I can see playing it right now is if I has some way to hook the Wii up to my laptop, or had a TV up here in my room. I've been trying to figure out why I spend most of my time up here these days, and the best way I can figure out to say it is like so: when I'm downstairs, I have to deal with Adam making noise and carrying on about whatever he's doing on his 360 or the computer, and also, it gives Mom and Dad a much easier way to "talk" to me about certain things. "Talk" is in quotation marks because whenever they have something to say it usually ends up being bad, and I've just taken to avoiding that entirely now, I guess.

Although on that note, Mom mentioned we have appointments to get our hair cut some Friday coming up in February, so I have between now and then to figure out a more specific way of saying "I want something done with my hair aside from just cutting it". I've been looking around for what I would need too, and found one thing (well, one package of two things, more specifically) for $12.99, but that's in USD, and not counting shipping, if they can even ship it to Canada in the first place. There's a note on the product page about it only being available via ground shipping due to airline restrictions, but if anything, that'd be because of the liquid limit I've heard little bits and pieces of here and there.

As for the money issue mentioned yesterday, they replied to say that if I provided them with certain information (dates stayed, guest's name, etc.), they'd "be happy to open a corporate service file to begin an investigation on my behalf", which, somehow does not sound quite like what I'm after. Whatever the case though, at least it's a bit of progress.

Otherwise, this is the last night I have off for at least five days, but with any luck it'll be worth it next time we get paid. I've already been out to Tim Hortons, but am considering 7-11 later (just for candy (and maybe Bugles)), because the only other snacks I have are those cookies I made several nights ago, and I'd like to bring them to work tomorrow. Oh, and I need to do some laundry too, which I'm considering tossing my arm warmers into, because they're starting to get far too dirty, and I'd like to see how our washing machine treats fur without having to stick one of my tails in it.

That'll do for now though~

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