Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Somehow I Think This Isn't True

Cola had responded to a pounce I set up for him the first time I woke up this morning, so still half-asleep, I typed the last bit of information into that email I was talking about sending yesterday, sent it off, and went back to sleep. Upon waking up again about 20 minutes ago, there was a reply waiting for me, that said they would respond within the next 48 hours. If they're open on Sunday, fine but that doesn't seem quite right. No response to that other email I sent though, but I'm really not in a rush to get it anyways just yet.

So first of all, washing arm warmers. Aside from one seeming slightly more loose, they're fine. I did have to turn them inside-out at one point though because the backing of the fur was still wet and tried putting one on just to see what it would feel like. Let me just say that when and if I ever commission anything from SPark again, I am going to have to be extremely clear (which may or may not involve diagrams) about what I want, and will likely even ask her to repeat back to me what she's going to make before starting on it. When I asked for these at first, not only did I want short fur on the inside too, but also, say you're viewing one from the side. I wanted them split horizontally there, with the bottom half white fur, and the top the snow leopard spotted stuff. I have gotten used to them as they are now though, and they're, dare I say, slightly more realistic, but the point still stands. The problem with there not being fur on the inside is that they slide down my arms way too easily, and the only solutions I can think of to that are having fur inside of them too, or sewing in a small elastic band (not a real elastic, but one of those fabric types) at the end that would be closest to my elbow, and having them be just a little bit longer too. Full-arm arm warmers, I guess.

Washing a tail might be a bit different though, mostly depending on how fast the washing machine spins. What's going to happen to the "stuffing"? Sure, it'll become saturated with water, but I don't want it to be broken up so that there are flat spots in the tail where the filling used to be. Although the words "centrifugal force" are floating around in my head too (I might say "spinning" but it's too early for puns), and there's always the option of wrapping it up in a couple shirts or, if it's a thinner one, stuffing it down the leg of a pair of pants too.

As for going back to work tonight apparently George is going to be closing which is unusual, because he has never been able to close on a Friday night before now. It will be helpful, however, because Sheila originally had Steve and I as the only two closers, and we need four on Friday and Saturday nights, if at all possible.

Anyways, there's raisin bread in the cupboard downstairs, so I want to go make myself some toast before anybody else gets to it. There's something else I was thinking of writing about last night too, but I don't particularly want to right now~

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