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Earl Wants to Talk to Me :x

According to Ange, he wants me to start at 6 tomorrow, presumably because he's done at 7, and I wouldn't normally arrive there until 7:20 at earliest. I don't particularly feel like starting two hours early though, so for the time being, there's a note at the back for him that says I'll be in around 6:30 to talk about whatever he needs me for. "Whatever" sounds slightly rude, but the only other word I thought of was "what", and that makes it sound like I know what he wants. A couple ideas were given to me, the most sensible of which is that back on December 11th, a several-hundred dollar order was voided on Orlando's till, and they're trying to find out who's responsible. I don't remember *anything* from that shift, which is good enough to say that I don't know anything about such a large order being forcibly cleared. Although now that I've started to think about it, I could be sure I saw Orlando, at one point or another (not necessarily on the night in question) ring in a bunch of stuff then press the "all void" button instead of clearing it item by item. Normally when you press that button though, a "Call Manager" message is displayed, because you need the key for it. If he works tomorrow I'll have to ask him about it and see if he remembers anything.

Also, the 11th was the first shift I worked after getting the third part of my tattoo done, and I wouldn't have been in any mood for moving more than necessary. But other than that, I don't know what they'd want with me, so I'll just have to find out tomorrow.

As for tonight, it was another of the "went well, considering..." sort. I was put on drive through, with far too many dishes to wash, but James worked on them until 9, then I slowly got them caught up afterwards. Manoah doesn't realize either that if I'm on drive through I'm much less likely to talk, and I tried explaining why to him, but couldn't work out how to say it. Now, however, I think it can be summed up in that when I'm on line, I can work and talk at the same time, but for drive through, not only do I have a headset on, but most of the time I'm either down there taking orders, or at the back doing dishes, both of which are places the other staff like to avoid.

And because that reminded me, two things. Number one, Ange is no longer a manager. Apparently she stepped down on her own, the reason for which Manoah thinks is so Jess can be re-hired and they can work together again. The other thing involves some new rules, the most interesting of which being that managers are not supposed to do dishes anymore, and instead, if they need to be done, ask somebody to do them. Okay, yeah, sure. On a day or supper shift, telling the kids is not going to do much, because they'll just end up talking with each other at the back instead of up on line, and on a closing shift, the manager is sometimes the only one who is even able to get back to them. I know Josh mentioned something before about how managers are "technically" only supposed to be overseeing the operation of the shift. Not doing any of the work. Indeed.

And as one last thing, a note to the lady who came into the dining room while I was waiting for my shift to start (even though the odds of her ever seeing this are slim to none): You said you live in Kent Bridge, which would lead me to assume that when you come to a fast food place in Chatham, you would double check your order before leaving to make sure you had what you wanted. Where you live is no reason to demand extra food unless you had to drive back in from home, in which case the more sensible thing to do would be calling us first. Thank you though, for the amusement in watching both Steve and whoever was at front cash (I can't remember her name) go from happy and talkative to quiet and disturbed when you tossed your packets of hot sauce onto the counter and said you asked for mild. Even more so for calling back almost an hour later to complain about the Mexican Pizza that was replaced for you, as well as the one you got for free. You told *me* that, while your husband couldn't eat tomatoes, he could have the sauce, and yet I heard Steve tell you at least four times on the phone that there were chunks of tomato in it as well. Congratulations :B

(best part about it is that it wouldn't surprise me if tomatoes were involved somewhere along the line in making the red sauce powder, and yet guess what she and her husband are getting two pizzas remade with tomorrow? yesh)

It's sort of funny, really. A couple weeks ago there was that stretch of 8 days I had off with two shifts in between the fourth and fifth, during which nothing particularly interesting transpired at work, and yet I have two days off this week, and I come back to see all this drama started up and stuff switched around. It's not fun, but it certainly is amusing. As long as I'm not involved in it, of course, but I am, well, the rest of that sentence should be obivous~

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