Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Mom is So Funny

It's been snowing more or less constantly since yesterday morning sometime (it was when Manoah and I were walking home from work), and as such, she said / asked something when I just went downstairs. "Do you have to work tonight? You'd better call them, because there's probably going to be some cancellations". Here's a little rule I go by: no matter how much it's snowing, or what condition the roads are in, if I'm able to walk to work, we're going to have at least one customer at some point during the night. Even moreso because it's Saturday, or, more proper, the weekend. The other rule I've made / come upon recently is that the beginning shift in a series of three or more consecutive closes sets the mood / overall feel for the rest of them, but last night wasn't overly bad (where the close itself was concerned), so these coming four shouldn't be too annoying. All depending on what Earl wants to talk to me about though, but I have two hours and twenty minutes before I have to head out. Probably less though, because it wouldn't surprise me if it did take a bit longer to walk this time.

My only concern tonight is Tina actually being there, because she asked for the recipe for those no-bake cookies last week, and if she's not in tonight, it'll be another week (at least) before she's able to get it. And one last work-related thing. I had a dream Steve, or somebody that knew Steve, bought a cat, and named it "Milk". Yes, it was obviously a white cat, but nothing else other than that comes to mind about it (well, it had a funny looking head, but that doesn't say much on it's own). Anyways, Steve, me, and some other unknown figure were in a car going somewhere, and I was actually laying down in the back seat, trying to keep myself busy. Not having much to do towards that, I sat up, turned slightly, and said "Steve. Let me see milk. I'm boorred" (actually drawing out the last word like that), so he passed it back, then either I woke up just enough, or was already in a state to realize it, because I rolled over even more to cradle it in my arms, and actually realized I was making that motion in bed too. After that though, I remember being at work, where the cat was apparently allowed to run around wherever it wanted. Steve (or the mysterious figure with him) said something about the parking lot and Tim Hortons, and then I woke up.

As for right now, I've been playing both Perfect Dark and Goldeneye over the past couple days. Some random bit of a conversation I had with Dyno got me wanting to download them again, and I did, originally planning on looking around at all the mysteries and unsolved stuff there is in the games, but I can't get any custom codes to work, and thus have resorted to just playing through them regularly for now, which is what I might as well continue on doing until I have to leave for work~

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