Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Tiny Bits of Progress

Why is it that if I'm waiting to hear back from someone via email or whatever, that I receive a reply from them right *after* I leave for work? Consider this: I left the house around 5:50 yesterday, and upon coming home from work, had gotten a message from Dyno, and also an email from Westin / Starwood Hotels. He just wanted to say that it'll be early next week before he's back on again, for having other things going on, which sort of sucks because I was looking forward to talking to him and DJ on the days off I have coming, but meh. There's at least one other thing I can do with my time. As for the hotel, they are "forwarding my comments to the hotel's general manager on my behalf", and I "can expect a reply within five days". Yesh. My balance still hasn't changed on Money Mart's site either, although they have an animation of the girl from the FAQ movie on the login page, and every time I go to log in now I find myself thinking "Yeah, you're smiling because you know I still only have thirty five dollars" :B

As for talking to Earl last night, it more or less seemed to be the reviews we're supposed to be getting three or four times a year. I'm supposed to be making sure my shirt's tucked in and I'm wearing my name tag (once again, give me a name tag that says "Karadur" and I'll happily wear it), and also consult the manager before taking line down and such instead of just doing it when I want to. Towards the last thing, if that's what it's going to take to keep whoever from going behind my back and complaining to Earl, fine, but if anything, what I'm going to do now is ask the manager if they have any problems with me doing things the way I have been before. Besides, they need to realize I'm not just bagging cold line because I have the time, but rather because I follow a little schedule I made for myself while on line that has worked fine so far. I'm not sure who it is that's been saying things, but more than likely it's Manoah, but possibly Michelle, if not both of them. I do not envy the managers for being able to pretty much do whatever they want on a given shift, but I do wish the same thing applied for anybody who's been there for at least two years and / or has proven they know what they're doing.

Anyways, I think that's it for right now. There might have been more, but most of it is work-related, or other things I don't feel like repeating (at least one "bad" dream), so I am going to busy myself with watching more stuff on here or playing DS games or something~

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