Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

This is the Very Reason Why

Michele sent me the following this morning:
Really, really need your help. Can you give a few days this weeks. Someone copy F07 Excel files into the master file instead of F08 Excel files. Call me. I’m not saying it’s you, we think it’s Justin, but nevertheless, we need to fix it. So any help you can give, is great.

*sighs* it hasn't come up at Heart and Stroke yet, but more than one comment has been made about me at work to the effect that I'm hard to get along and work with, and that there is the very reason why. If I'm doing things on my own, I only have myself to blame for something that goes wrong, but in this case, with two or more volunteers working on the same thing, if I mess something up, I'll leave an note or comment saying "I'll fix this next time I'm in", but with this other volunteer, I am now expected to fix the problem they created, which may not be as big a deal as I'm making it out to be, but is still annoying. Not to mention the file she's talking about was taking up to a minute to copy and paste stuff into last time I was in anyways, but the only thing that wasn't mentioned is how much was copied and pasted over. So I emailed her back (yes, I see the "call me", but I'll do that tomorrow afternoon if anything) to say I'll be in on Tuesday as well as Wednesday this week, as well as maybe having some choice words for whoever copied and pasted the old stuff (depending on how much it was), and, even though I didn't tell her, will be backing my version of the file up on Julie's computer (not the network drive) before leaving. While it wouldn't really be conductive to getting things done quickly, I'm almost tempted to start fresh and do the *entire* thing on my own (even if somebody else works on the other copy of it while I'm not there), but that would take longer for one, and would also invite questions from Michele (if nobody else) as to why I don't appear to be making any progress at all.

Anyways, where sleeping last night was quite upsetting, dreaming earlier this morning was more annoying, if nothing else. The only thing I did out of the ordinary both nights was changed my wallpaper, and the dream(s) I had both nights somewhat correlate to what was shown in the images, so I'll try leaving it for tonight and seeing if the same thing happens again. Although it was interesting this morning, because my first thought upon waking up was "I've been asleep all this time? Wow." The strangest part about it was that I woke up around sometime between 8 and 9, after having just fallen asleep around 6:30. It's happened on at least one occasion before, but being asleep for what feels like seven or eight hours then waking up to see that only one or two have passed feels weird. But also, before going to bed, I finished off the last puzzle in Picross DS, after having owned the game for the better part of two years (if not more). It would've taken me much longer had I decided to continue copying the solutions, but I gave up on that after figuring it was taking too long, and besides, when I first started doing that it was something to keep my mind occupied with other things anyways. Now that that's over with though, I have this puzzle as well as the several hundred after it to complete, which should be both fun and annoying because it's lacking at least one feature I liked in the DS picross games.

It's almost 5 though, and I've only had two cupcakes to eat today, so I'm going to go find something else. I brought the last few sides of lava sauce home from work the other night (we're not selling the Volcano Tacos anymore), so I could make something with those, but meh. We'll see~


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