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[My Shoes / Boots Broke ;_;]
I had them for two, maybe three months, and for the past couple weeks was noticing that there seemed to be a hole in the bottom of one. I would be out walking somewhere, and suddenly notice my sock was starting to get wet, but shrugged it off reasoning I'd buy a new pair when those ones wore out. Jump ahead to walking home from Heart and Stroke this afternoon, and the same problem came up again. However, part of the way down Cross street, I started feeling the same one flopping around for some reason, and hoped they hadn't up and come apart then. Sure enough though, when I got home and took a look, this is what I saw. Indeed. The other one seemed fine, but I was able to pick up a pair of different ones from Zellers, my biggest complaint with which so far are that I haven't tightened the laces, and thus they're really loose.

[A Bit of a Quandry]
While idly standing at front cash waiting for 8 earlier tonight, I overheard Chelsea tell Steve she couldn't get the chip reader in the debit / credit card machine to work, so I leaned over the counter to offer some advice because I ran into the same problem twice last night too. In the end, it was taken care of, because I got tired of hearing Steve tell her to tell the customers it wasn't working, and went in to fiddle with it myself. Then he got rather uptight and started going on about how we didn't listen to him, and, to tell the truth, he has a point, but it doesn't end there. Sure, we, as staff, are supposed to listen to the managers, but does that include being told to effectively tell them to go away because our debit machine doesn't work properly? As stated, I've had the same thing happen three times now, and managed to get it working for each of them, so I know it's possible to fix, but should I or anybody else tell the customers "Your card isn't working. Do you have another one or cash?" because we've spent more than a minute messing with the thing? I'd say no, but once again, that's where following his *coughs* requests comes in. Oh, and for what it's worth, he mentioned that we're "technically supposed to ask if they have anything else if it's not working after five minutes". I'll bet, Steve. Maybe that is a real "rule", but it seems far too convenient for you to be.

[The Temperature in my Room is Somewhere Around Freezing]
A couple weeks ago, Mom bought a bottle of apple cider, and it was quickly drunk. Once it was gone though, I rinsed the bottle, filled it up with water, and have been drinking from / refilling / keeping it in my bedroom window since then. I went to take a drink from it earlier, and was surprised to see that about a quarter of the bottle had started freezing over. Perhaps that's not really unusual, but I would've expected it to just get crisp and cold as opposed to icy. Although it feels a bit colder than normal tonight, so that may have something to do with it, but it's still interesting. As for the rest of my room, the only concern I have is being warm while I sleep, and I have plenty of blankets to accommodate that <3 And just because it's there, this is what I mean ^^

[Another Modicum of Progress]
An email was sent to me from somebody at Westin back on the 12th to say that the hold on my money had been released that day, and that they had verified it with the "Master Card credit card company". So of course I eagerly logged into the website, but was dismayed to see the same $34.52 or whatever it was. Then, before going to bed that same night, had the thought cross my mind that the 3-5 day wait thing still might apply, so I decided I'd wait a bit longer. However, earlier this afternoon I emailed them back to ask, and was sent a nice form letter in response that more or less said "Yes". But if things still haven't changed by next week, I can contact them, and the same lady that sent me the email saying it had been released (presumably) will follow-up with the bank. With any luck that won't be necessary, but given that this whole thing has proven that sometimes things can end up going as I fear they will, it wouldn't surprise me if it was. Considering the Paypal transfer for the money to pay for those R4DSes will be clearing on Thursday, it would be rather appropriate for me to get that other money back then too, but meh. We'll see.

[It Would've been a Nice Christmas Present]
After far too much poking through Furaffinity's source code (the HTML anyways), I was able to find the download link for the full version of that picture I commissioned from Cooper, as well as the other info, such as species and date. Towards the first thing, although I'd be more happy if there isn't, I can't see that site not having a "Snow leopard" selection, and yet both pictures I've gotten from her have "Feline - Leopard" set as the species. As for the second thing, it was posted on December 26th. Yeah, that means it's been up for less than a month which makes things a bit better, but still... I *have* to find some way of asking her "Have you been able to work on it yet?" just to see the look on her face / what she says ^^; I still haven't looked at the full-size version myself, but I really wanted to at work earlier, so it's on my PSP for now, and if not by then, I'll take a look at it on Saturday. Then again, I want to stop by there on Friday too to give Tina that recipe, but I wouldn't actually be working then, so it wouldn't be the same.

And that's it for now. There's something on one of these blankets that's making me very very itchy, and I've been ignoring it so far, but that's going to stop right now~

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