Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Now I Have Two Days Off :3

Technically they're from Wednesday to Friday, but I went to Heart and Stroke yesterday, and was planning to on Friday as well, but Michele emailed me earlier this afternoon to say I didn't have to come back in 'till next Wednesday. Why? Because I (unintentionally) fixed the problem that was slowing the spreadsheet down so much, and Justin finished entering the rest of the routes today. Works for me, because now I can go out for snacks tonight without having to worry about being asleep by a certain time. DJ will probably be online later as well, but if we do talk and it ends up being anything like last night, it will only be for half an hour or so before he heads off to bed. But T-Dawg and I were also talking earlier as well, and he mentioned being back "later", so perhaps I'll chat with him again too.

The only other particularly interesting thing I have to mention for now is that I tried washing a tail yesterday night, and it's still hanging from the cord attached to my fan right now. It's definitely cleaner, but two other problems came up which offset that. For one, as feared, when I took it out of the washing machine there was a flat section right in the middle where the filling had come away. Beating on both ends to try to push some of it back towards the middle seems to have worked though. The second problem is that the fur almost seems to be curling in on itself, which is weird, but I plan on giving it one more firm brushing before hanging it up with the rest of them again, so maybe that will help.

I also need to remember to stop by the bank, because we got paid this week and as such Mom and Dad will be expecting money, but I don't plan on leaving for another half hour at least. Tonight is mostly going like yesterday night did anyways, in that I'm starting to get tired, to the point where I'd like to go to sleep. Perhaps it would just be better to head out now, but meh. My room has been getting increasingly dirty as of late, so I'm going to tidy it up, grab the rest of my laundry from the dryer, and then see about going~

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